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Mateja Kezman

a little bit about kezman

Mateja Kezman is from Yugoslavia. as a young boy Kezman supported Partizan. he was a devoted fan (and probably still is), and soon began his career abroad. he played for Zemun in 1995 - 96, and the next year he left to play for Pirot in the 1996 - 97 season. in 1997 - 98 he played half a season for Loznica and then Sartid. finally after that he moved to Partizan in 1998 - 99, and stayed there another season. in the year 2000, Kezman left for holland, and joined PSV Eindhoven, and has stayed there ever sense. Kezman is known as "batman" to PSV fans, a hero to them. Kezman pulled them out of the gutter to glory. but before Kezman joined PSV he was picked to join the U21 Yugoslavia international team for Euro 2000. he was put into the game, and 44 seconds that Kezman was on the pitch, he got red carded for tripping a player on Norway. all the rich teams looking at kezman that day soon changed their minds except PSV, and Kezman took the offer. he said he'd rather play for a team where he can stretch out his skill, and money is not important to him at this time, so PSV was the better choice. for better info on Kezman go to or kezman official website. there stuff is better...haha
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