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"for the germans, this game is more like an appointment at the office. For me, this is my heart."

-Sandra de Almeida

after the recent world cup, German fans have been criticized for many things, but this is ludicrous. after reading this in the Denver Post i was shocked. how dare they say such things about us! we don't have football in our hearts?!?! we dont' play with passion?!?! we don't celebrate for days and nights to come when we win?!?! we don't cry when we lose?!?! we live football to the greatest extent, we live football like it's our religion, because it is our religion. we tattoo our teams logos on our bodies, and die for our teams. all of the South American fans had influence from us, and all of the European immigrants. Europa is the home of football, and it will always be the home of football, through thick and thin. whether we win or lose. in Germany millions of fans greated all of the German players, waving German flags, and their local team colors. if Brazil had lost, would the fans had greated them with Brazilian flags and their local team colors, or would they have spit in their faces?! the Brazilians went on saying that a loss would be incomprehensible and unacceptable. so what would of happened if the Brazilians lost? my guess, is that it would have been bad, especially for the players. but Germans were not like that after the world cup, they celebrated in the streets, congratulating their team, and the national players were named heroes of Deutschland.