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Rapids FC vs. New England Revolution

22 May, 2002

tonight was wonderful! we beat the hell outta these guys, with some minor things that we need to work on. but we beat them 5 to 2! Chung scored his first goal today, which was a beautiful goal in the 31st SECOND!!! later in the first half, Chung scored again, putting the Rapids up 2 to 0, and El Pibe finally got his 100th career assist!!! haha, and about a minute after that, the Revolution came back and scored. this shut the crowed up for about three seconds, haha. we didn't expect that, i think we often forget sometimes how the Rapids really play. they can drop down from being real good, to drastically bad. after that terrible goal by the Revolution, Carrieri surprisingly scored his first goal of the season. not something we often see from him. after that, El Pibe got his 101st assist, with Henderson puting the ball into the back of the net giving the Rapids a 4 to 1 lead!!! all in the first half! in the second half we didn't play as well, and the Revolution scored again, pissing everyone off, especially Coach Tim Hankinson. Carrieri had plenty of chances, but he didn't seem to know how to put the ball into the net, or even shoot the ball actually. he didn't do so well, and i pray that he gets better. cause he can score, he just needs to do it faster. he didn't finish fast enough at all, very dissapointing. after many missed shots by both sides, and rediculous fouls, and one call that was completely fucked up!!! Henderson scored again to put the Rapids up 5 to 2. it would have been 6 to 2 but the ref said that Henderson pushed the defender down, which was not the case at all, the defender fell!!! fucker needs to open his eyes. but it's all good, we beat the shit out of them, and it was a lot of fun. one dissapointint thing was that Spencer didn't play at all during tonight's game. i missed him, i think we all missed him.

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