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May 11th, 2002

well i havn't written this article as fast as i usually write the other articles, but here i am. anyways, it was a grand day beating our most known rivals, Kansas City. Spenny scored the first goal of the game, a PK, it was his third goal this season. Henderson was pushed down in the penalty box, and the Wizards goal keeper got a yellow card for arguing. Spenny put the ball in the back of the net, like always and like expected. the rest of the first half was rather boring, with Kansas City gaining possesion of the ball for most of the half, but we held ourselves off. in the second half, not much changed, except we got worse. well not worse, but lazier and with out motivation it seemed. but somehow we managed to put the ball in the back of the net again. Henderson scored a goal with an assist from Spenny. a few minutes later the game ended, and El Pibe was suppost to be awarded his 100th career assist, but he wasn't. the MLS ruled against him saying that he didn't count in the assist to Henderson, because, well it wasn't an assist. Henderson assisted himself. but he doesn't care, coach Tim Hankinsson gave him a jersey with a big 100 on it. El Pibe said that he didn't care that he didn't get it, all that matters is that we won! i agree, cause El Pibe is going to get it anyways, probably against the Dallas Burn this weekend =>.

coach Tim Hankinsson said that we didn't play like we should of, mostly because of the rain and because we weren't properly motivated. it seems like the Rapids have been acting up and down during this season; what the fuck?! maybe it's partially our fault, we havn't been as supportive as we should be. it seems like all the hardcore fans havn't been coming to the games, just suburban family scum have been coming. too bad. but, it rained like hell, but as always, we stuck it out. some of us are just too hardcore to not go.

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