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Rapids FC vs. Calgary Storm FC

tonight was a good game to watch, and the goals were real good. at first both teams were aggressive, and Calgary got off to an alright start; but towards the end there, they just fell apart. David Kramer played instaed of Garlick and made five saves altogether, earning the shutout. Chris Carrieri scored the first goal in the first half; which was the only goal in the first half. in the second half the Rapids scored three more goals to gain the shutout against Calgary, four to zero. Imad Baba, Kyle Beckerman and Seth Trembly scored those spectacular goals. the players that didn't play that game were El Pibe, Spenny, and Garlick. this was actually the first game for most of the new players/rookies on the team to play on the field, and they proved to be good players (for this game). this was a great game, and the only thing that i didn't like had nothing to do with the playing or the Rapids, but the over all crowd that was there. too many fucking kids!!! it was like a little adolescent soccer game in Westminster or Hyland Greens. some college kids were there, and one mohawk punk was there. but there were way too many kids, and they were all there with their soccer moms and dads, which made me sick. i fucking hate suburbia, and most of all the people that have those fucking five star minivans and suv's...burn suburbia. but there were some good kids, and some cool college kids, including myself and my friend.

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