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Saturday March 30, 2002

Rapids vs. Earthquakes

the Rapids won their first game of the season tonight, beating the San Jose Earthquakes! the Rapids scored their only goal in the game, and their second goal of the season, by Mark Chung, which was his first goal for the Rapids. although most of the game was wonderfully fast paced, aggressive and just a lot of fun to watch, the game started to go a little sour towards the end. the ref started making rediculous calls, calling a fowl on Maestroeni which should of gone the other way because Maestroeni got stepped on! i was right there in front of it, i saw it all go down. giving Valderrama a red card (a red card! that pig!). he only gave that red card too cause Donovan is a little pussy. get some balls Donovan!!! everytime i saw this kid get tripped or pushed or whatever other contact that included him, he cried like the little baby he is. and giving a corner kick away to the Earthquakes which was not suppost to happen. it should of been a goal kick, because Garlick NEVER touched that ball, the whole stadium, including the Rapids, could see that but the ref. and to top it off, he gave Maestroni and Garlick yellow cards, i guess for yelling at him, and telling him that he was WRONG, which he was. apparently the ref liked to blow his wistle a lot in the end of the second half; well i'll give that nazi something to blow! but all in all, this game was so far the best game that i've seen played since July 4th last season.

on another note, the WUSA game was kind of fun to watch too. i always enjoy watching girls run around in shorts =>. although it was a tie between San Jose Cyberrays and Washington Freedom i enjoyed it.

what an exciting night.

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