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ABOUT US: we are an independent supporters group for the CFC Rapids in the MLS. we are dedicated to supporting the Rapids with Tifo and frantic support. we are called the Green Vespas Por Vida X-Side.

Green obviously comes from the Rapids colors, although their colors have been "changed" to Black and Blue, Gree and White will ALWAYS be our colors. the Vespa means Wasp in Italian, and it came from when i once called the Rapids Little Wasps as a joke. Por Vida is Spanish for For Ever. our group will live on for ever, or atleast it will in our hearts.

we are easy to find, and we often change places inside the stadium, as we have no official section. that is where the X-Side comes from. X stands for the fact that we have no single place in the stadium that we call home, although hopefuly, we will one day.

below are photos of Tifo action from various teams that we admire. the object of our group is to achieve exactly what has been achieved in the following photos.

the following photos were taken from and are in no way property of mine

this is from Bari, in Italy. this is my favourite out of all the photos. it's well organized, and looks great.

Roma! awesome photo.

Roma again


Barcelona again. Awesome...the pyro-technis are great

these photos were taken from the Ultras Frankfurt in Germany...