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St. Paul's Cheerleading 2004-2005

The 2004-2005 team:

Catri --lost your last name :)
Patricia Allan
Breanne Aylward
Katie Aylward
Megan Boland
Kayla Buttler
Katie Breen
Jessica Cole
Miranda Cross
Marie Dayley
Angela Eastman
Allana Flynn
Nicole Halloran
Corinne Healey
Roma Jellack
Jennifer Lamb
Erica Lannon
Carolyn Morris
Rebecca Noah
Heather Oakley
Emily Pittman
Stephanie Pomoroy
Rihan Rasour
Laura Sullivan
Ashley Thomas
Heather Williams
Emily Yettman

Congrats to everyone who made the team and we encourage anyone who didn't make it this year to try out again next year! You guys were all great and it was such a hard decision!

Angela and Andrea

**This list will be posted later today on Mrs.Brodericks website**