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INFO: Available on the Princess Diaries Soundtrack. Also, could be on the new album.

MY THOUGHTS: Having just suceeded in ending my search for a pencil, I know sit here deciding what to write. Technically I should be reading my Enlglish Literature assignment. But, (and forgive me for quoting a cartoon here) as Debbie Thornberry once said 'Duh! Bands are actually important', now I'm not saying I agree that bands are more important then school, but right now this song I can't stop singing is foremost in my attention and I now determine to stop rambling and write what I sat here to write.

Lets go back in time a few minutes. Shall we?

Five minutes ago, I was avoiding a sharp blade while peeling potatoes for dinner, and singing along with the fresh and new 'Wake up', amazingly my fingers remain unscathed, and the neighbors didn't right the poice complaining of the noise. No, it wasn't really that loud. While doing so I tried to put my feelings about the song in words. No easy task I tell you.

Track 10 on my copy of Princess Diaries the soundtrack, 'Wake up' is a song most would definitely not recognize as belonging to hanson. An interesting mix of Travis meets mellow country, this song is very interesting. And impossibly catchy, I think it's the 'doo doo yeah' bit that totally gets me.

Last night I read a persons opinion of wake up. Overall they were disappointed and saddened, feeling the music wasn't hanson. Maybe it won't have you jumping around the room playing an air guitar, as would 'in the city'. *Cough* Who me?

But it is still a song I adore.

The term evolution, though never a term I've like, would proably describe the course of Hansons music over the last five years. The definition of evolution is 'The process of unfolding; developlement or growth' Hanson have gone from a group of teens and preteens to a group of adults and late teens. And so has their music. 'Wake up' is a lot more grown up then say 'MMMBop' and thought a mor mellow sound, when listened to it is a song that really touches you.

So I've rambled on and on, and I'm not sure I've made any sense. In case I haven't I'll sum it up with 4 simple words 'I LOVE WAKE UP!'