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August 20th

At a poll on, as to 'which hybernating group you're missing the most' hanson are winning! At the time of writing this the results were...

7% - 98
60% - Hanson
5% - The Spice Girls
15% - Destiny's Child
11% - none of the above
Awesome! Though the results are constantly changing (hanson are now down to 45%). Head over there and vote for Hanson now! :-)

June 14

Taylor Hanson married Natalie Anne Byrant on June 8th. Yup! You heard my correct Check out the MTV article thank God I didn't have a crush on him!

May 20

A few more weeks of recording to go, and rumor has it the album may be a triple album. If you're like me and had no clue what that meant, it means that it would be a 3 cd set. But so far it's just a rumor

March 30

Taylor said on that they're relocating, and that they're in the final stretchs of recording what is referred to by the fans as Album X. Can't wait!!!