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Information on the Feature Film:
This from the mississauga article..
'It was also announced the twins are planning a movie this summer with a budget of $40 million compared to their last movie that had a budget of $17 million. They hope the anticipated success of the movie will go a long way in driving mary-kateandashley products.'

Fashion Forward 2003!:
A fast-paced look at the mary-kateandashleybrand Spring and Summer 2003 Collections presented by Mary-Kate and Ashley and hosted by teen star Billy Aaron Brown, co-star in recent Mary-Kate and Ashleyfilms (Holiday in the Sun and Getting There), will showcase select ensembles fromthe mary-kateandashley brand fashion and lifestyle line. Robert Thorne plans to release it on Television and VHS with behind the scenes footage. The fashion show willbe directed by Grammy Award-winning music video director Steve Purcell (AlanisMorisette, B.B. King, INXS). It is executive produced by Dualstar CEO Thorneand Mary-Kate and Ashley. It will be filmed in March

Mary-Kate and Ashley were recently in Toronto to celebrate the one year anniversary of the launch of the mary-kateand ashley brand there. It has been Walmart Canada's most successful product launch in history! A press conference was held on Tuesday.

Video Clip!:
A video clip of Mary-Kate and Ashley accepting the DVD Premier Video Franchise Awards has been added to the DVD Premier awards site Click Here!!

E! Rank:
The twins ranked #10 on yesterdays E! Rank: Players or played out? Placing them ahead of Kelly Osbourne, Avril Lavigne and Michelle Branch, among others. But not beating Justin Timberlake who claimed the No. 1 spot.

Official Site Update!:
The official site has been updated with a screensaver and a valentines message from Mary-Kate and Ashley

New Book series?:
Rumor has it a new book series following in the path of 'Sweet 16' but with a new name may be out in July. As yet this information is uncomfirmed (thanks Jess!)

Official Site Update!:
Mary-Kate and Ashley's hot picks for February are now up at the Official Site!

Upcoming Films!:
Mary-Kate and Ashley will be filming one more straight-to-video film before filming their movie with Warner Bros, which should be a feature film like 'It Takes Two'. The title and plot are being kept a secret.

SLT DVD and VHS volumes 3 and 4!:
So Little Time Volume 3 and 4 will be available on VHS and DVD on March 6th!

In Action on DVD!:
This from
'Yikes! In decidedly more scary fare, Mary-Kate and Ashley are back in Mary-Kate and Ashley In Action, Volume 1 and Volume 2. Each is presented in full screen and 2.0 Dolby surround, with extras including a making-of featurette and, of course, lots of Mary-Kate and Ashley promo spots. Retail is also $19.95 each. '
Thanks Lisa!

Charlie's Angels 2!

MK&A will both play a little part in the upcoming movie Charlie's Angels 2... A little article about it:
August 28, 2002 | MARY-KATE and ASHLEY OLSEN, better known as the multi-millionaire Olsen twins, have reportedly lined up a cameo in the new 'Charlie's Angels' movie. Production is underway on the sequel with DREW BARRYMORE, LUCY LIU and CAMERON DIAZ reprising their roles. Also making an appearance in the film will be original "Angel" JACLYN SMITH and DEMI MOORE.
The movie will come to the theatres in the USA round the 27th of June 2003.