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One of 1997's most popular bands, pop-rock band Hanson are back with a third album! Their last album 'This time Around' was released in early 2000 and their latest contribution to the music world, after many postponements, is set for release Spring this year.
The album is titled Underneath and has been defined by eldest member, Isaac as more rock and more organic. The album is pretty much completely finished, with recording, the mix, photoshoots, and track order all finished. And fans who've been patiently waiting for 3 years can look forward to it's release!

The Band Congrats to Taylor and his wife Natalie on the birth of their first son Jordan Ezra Hanson in October.

Adios to Zacs hair They were once known as 'that band of blond boys with long hair' but now no more. A historical event in the hanson word. Zac cut his hair! (LOL)