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So what's a fun thing to do when listening to music?... Guessed yet? too late!...DANCE!! Now I love to dance, though I'm not that good at it. My main rule when dancing is to just have a lot of fun, and act totally stupid (this is easier when you've eaten a LOT of sugar)

One of my favorite songs to dance to is 'In the City'. It's a fast song which is hard to listen to without doing something. So anyway, I don't know when I first started it, but I did sometime. To dance to 'In the City' you have to have a lot of energy, and be able to not get too dizzy too quickly. Why?

Cause pretty much all my dance consists of is spinning in circles, unless if you have even more energy you can jump and spin! Yeah, it sounds crazy. But that's why it's so fun!!! Try it sometime!


Do you have any specific dance you do when listening to a hanson song? We'd love to hear! Send 'em in....

What's your name?

What's your dance?