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------------------------------------------------------------------------- // Must be present, EXACTLY, or the applet will run, but return an error // message indicating the notice is wrong or missing.

------------------------------------------------------------------------- // COMMERCIAL & FOR-PROFIT USERS ARE *REQUIRED* TO PURCHASE keys for // this applet, always quickly available at You may // of course use the free version for evaluation purposes! // // If you have the FREE version... // Enter FREE in the VALUE. For example: // // // // If you have the PRO version... // Enter your key in the VALUE. For example: // // // // For those with the purchased version, keys are automatically made // for you dynamically off the site. You'll receive // explicit instructions on this at time of purchase, and each time // that you make a key. Six keys are included with your purchase, so // you can use the applet as many times as you wish on as many pages // as you like on up to six different sites. // // If you are unsure what the domain for the key is, use DOMAIN as // the value in this parameter. For example: // // // // and ipanner.class will tell you the domain name needed when you // run it from your site. Use exactly what the applet tells you to use // in the URL box on the keymaker form on our site. Note that when you // receive your keycode off the site, it will clip the "www." off the // beginning of your URL. This *is* correct, and the key will work // properly whether users enter via or

------------------------------------------------------------------------- // This is the image used by the applet. Compressed jpg's work the best. // Images in gif format will work, but less well.

; Name, Width, Height (Do not omit or alter) ; (Must be set to yes) ; URL where go optionally when clicked. If no link is used value should be set to "No" ; link opened in new frame?, Yes or No. ; The name of the frame to load "link" into. ; Statusbar message (anything you like) ; resolution (1 .. 8) ; Image to load ; File for scrolltext or "NO" ; Speed of waving (1..200) ; Perspective (1..100) ; Far waving intensity (1..10000) ; Wind intensity (1..20) ; Wind variation speed (0..200) ; Wind variation min (0..20) ; Wind variation max (0..20) ; File for scrolltext or "NO" ; Txtscroll y offset ; Txtscroll speed ; Txtscroll font name ; Txtscroll bold ("YES" or "NO") ; Txtscroll font size ; Txtscroll shadow ("YES" or "NO") ; Txtscroll color (red component) ; Txtscroll color (green component) ; Txtscroll color (blue component) ; Txtscroll shadow col. (red c.) ; Txtscroll shadow col. (green c.) ; Txtscroll shadow col. (blue c.) ; Txtscroll jump aplitude ; Txtscroll jump speed ; Txtscroll sineshape amplitude ; Txtscroll sineshape movement ; Txtscroll sineangle / pixel ; Memory deallocation delay ; Task priority (1..10) ; Min. milliseconds/frame for sync Sorry, your browser doesn't suppor Java. ; Msg in no java browsers
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