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Girls Aloud Galleries

The galleries have been re-organised into many different catergories; The Singles, Other Songs, Popstars The Rivals, Television, Magazines, Out and About, On Stage, Photoshoots and Various. The newest pics which have been added to the gallery will be at the bottom of that gallery. Please do not hotlink pictures and remember to open each new gallery in a new window. Thanks :)

Sound of The Underground

SOTU Video Caps

SOTU Promotional Photographs

SOTU Album Inlays

SOTU promotional album stickers

SOTU Album Rerelease Inlay Album Scans

'Sound Of The Underground' Rerelease

SOTU Promotion - Buy Girls - Bye Boys

GMTV - Sotu Promotion - Interview Caps

SOTU Promotional Performance


SOTU Promo TV Appearances

This Morning Interview Captions

Richard & Judy Interview Captions

Nadine, Sarah & Kim Performing SOTU

Rare Sotu Pics

SOTU Rare Pics

TOTP Christmas Special - SOTU Performance Captions

TOTP Xmas - More SOTU Pics

TOTP Xmas - Even More SOTU Pics

SOTU On Spring Break Live

SOTU - Fox Kids Live Caps

SOTU Promotion - More Pics from 'Buy Girls Bye Boys'

SOTU - More Pics from Fox Kids Live

SOTU - Pepsi Silver Clef 2003 Performance Captions

SOTU Promotional Photoshoot and Performance Pics

SOTU Performance

SOTU - Live and Loud Caps 2004

SOTU - Club MTV Caps

No Good Advice

NGA Video Caps

Small No Good Advice Promotional Video Captions

Behind the Scenes of No Good Advice

Making of No Good Advice Caps

NGA Promotional Photographs

No Good Advice Live on Top Of The Pops Caps

SMTV Caps - NGA Era

GMTV Interview Captions - NGA Era

Girls Aloud perform NGA on CDUK

Cd:uk - NGA Performance - With the Taxi

Red Dragon FM - July 2003 NGA Performance Caps

CD:UK - NGA Performance - Black / Silver Outfits

Box Live NGA Performance Caps

Life Got Cold

LGC Video Caps

LGC Promotional Photographs

CDUK - LGC Performance (August 2003)

SMTV Caps - LGC Promotion (August 2003)

LGC Performance Captions - TOTP

LGC Live and Loud Performance Caps

LGC - Popworld - GA Caps

Jump (For My Love)

Jump (for my love) Cd Cover & New album cover

Clear Jump Promo Video Captions

More Jump Promo Video Captions

Small Jump Promotional Video Captions

Blue Jump Promo Video Captions

GMTV - Jump (for my love) Performance Captions

GMTV - More Jump Performance Captions

CBBC - Top 40 - Jump Performance Captions

XChange - Jump Performance Captions

Girls Aloud on TRL - Jump Promo Interview Captions

CD:UK - Jump (for my love) Performance Captions

Jump Promotional Online Interview Captions

Popworld Jump Performance

Jump Peformance on TOTP

Children In Need - Jump Performance

National Music Awards 2003 - Jump Performance Caps

Jump Promotional Interview Caps

Jump Promotional Performance

Jump Promotional Performance Caps 2

More Clear Blue Jump Promo Video Captions

The Show

The Show is Coming

The Show Promotional Pictures

The Show - CD:UK Caps

Making The Show Video Caps

The Show - CD:UK Caps - CLEAR

The Show Video Caps

The Show Single Cover

The Show CD:UK

The Show - Popworld Caps

The Show - CD:UK - Peformance 2 Caps

The Show - Diggin It

The Show - Ministry of Mayhem

The Show - Popworld Caps

The Show - This Morning Caps

The Show Clear Promotional Video Caps

Other Songs

Stay Another Day - This Morning Captions

'Mars Attack' Performance Caps on The Saturday Show

Saturday Show Captions - Girls On Film Performance

Hopelessly Devoted To You

CD:UK - You Freak Me Out Performance Captions

Girls Allowed on CD:UK Caps

Your the One That I want

Discomania - I'm Every Woman

Large Discomania - Im Every Woman Caps

Popstars The Rivals

Popstars The Rivals Captions

Popstars The Rivals - Various Caps

Popstars The Rivals - The Girls Rare Caps

Official Girls Aloud - Popstars The Rivals Posters

Popstars The Rivals Extra Captions

Popstars The Rivals Extra - Interview Caps

Popstars The Rivals Extra - Performance Captions

Various / Popstars The Rivals Final Show

Getting into the band caps

Last ever Popstars the Rivals Caps - Girls Aloud are number one

Popstars The Rivals Caps - Who is going to go?

Love Shack


Oblivious Popstars

MTV Diary Caps

Popworld Interview Captions

Various Clear Television Caps

'Eat My Goal' - Sarah, Cheryl & Nicola

Girls Aloud on Newsround

SMTV Live Sketch Captions

Girls ALoud on BO SELECTA

Glamour Television Captions

Glamour Photoshoot Captions

News Captions - Cheryl speaks out

Girls Aloud on Flaunt

Cheryl & Kim on Frank Skinner

GMTV Interview Caps

Girls Aloud on MTV Interview

Big Brother Little Brother - series 4

More Caps from Big Brother Little Brother - series 4

Cd:uk - Magic Trick Horror

CD:UK Interview

Diggin It Interview Captions

CD:UK Interview (More Caps)

Cheryl and Nicola on Smile Caps

Big Brother's Little Brother - Series 5

Ministry of Mayhem

GMTV - Discussing Cheryl's Trial

Magazines / Newspapers

Magazine Photo Shoots

OK Photoshoot

FHM Gallery

SneaK Magazine

TOTP Magazine Photoshoot 1

TOTP Magazine Photoshoot 2


Sun Newspaper Pictures

Glamour Pics

Pics from Cosmopolitan Magazine - Rights Protected

Heat Magazine - Food Fight

TOTP Magazine - Girls Aloud play Bingo

TOTP Magazine Scans

Hello Magazine Scans - Samantha Mumba's Birthday

FHM Outakes

Mizz Magazine

Its Hot Magazine

TV Hits - Cheerleading Pics

FHM Top 100 Poll Pics

Very Large Clear FHM Top 100 Women Pics - Cheryl & Sarah

Smash Hits Magazine - 'Aloud and Proud'

TOTP Poster - Issue 110

TOTP Poster Special

Daily Star - Sarah & Kim

TOTP Magazine - June 2004 Edition

Irish Daily Star Scans - 31st May 2004

Show Promotional Pictures - Heat Magazine

Glamour Magazine Scans

Daily Star Scans - 24/06/04

Now Magazine Scans

Daily Star - 1st July 2004

Daily Star

TOTP - Clean and Clear Promotion

TOTP - Girls Aloud Magazine Scans

Out and About

HMV Pics 2002

Pepsi Silver Clef

Disney Channel Awards

Cheryl & Nicola at Wire FM

National Music Awards

Love Actually Premiere

Cheryl and Nicola modelling

Nadine & Nicola - Night Out

Girls Aloud at the toy show

Capital FM Awards 2003

Girls Aloud at HMV

Girls Aloud - Marie Foundation

Westlife Album Launch Party

Girls Aloud - Night Out

Girls Aloud - Sun Party 2003

Pepsi Clef 2003 - Gallery 2

Girls Aloud - Spring Break Live

Love Actually Premiere - After Party

Legally Blonde Premiere Gallery 2 - Rare

Rare Pics from the Disney Channel Awards

Sarah & Kim - Charity Work

Nadine & Kim on A night out

Back Stage Pics

Paris Pictures

Legally Blonde Premiere - More Pics

Samantha Mumba's Birthday Bash

Rare Pics from Germany

Nadine & Kim on a night out

Marie Keating Foundation

Large Pics from TMF

Girls Aloud backstage in Liverpool

Pictures from after G.A.Y

More Pics from LA premiere 2003

Girls Aloud on a night out

Capital FM Awards 2004

Kimberley & Nadine out at Trap

Sarah, Kim & Nadine at the Disney Channel Awards

More pics of Cheryl & Nadine at the Capital FM Awards 2004

Girls Aloud Spotted getting a KFC

Nadine & Kimberley at a wedding

Fox Kids Awards 2004

Girls Aloud in Hull

Spring Break Live - Close Up Face Photographs

2003 - Capital FM Awards - Arrival Pics

2004 - Capital FM Awards - Arrival Pics

Cheryl's Court Case

HMV - Manchester Trafford Centre

2003 - Disney Channel Kids Awards

Drunk Cheryl, Nadine & Nicola

Newport Gig May 2004

Cheryl & Kim at ChinaWhite Nightclub

Cheryl & Nadine out Drinking

Kimberley & Nadine out at Trap - May 2004

Backstage at CD:Uk (May 29th 2004)

Meeting the fans backstage at CD:Uk (May 29th 2004)

Backstage at The Saturday Show

More 'Buy Girls Bye Boys' Pictures

More Pictures of Cheryl & Nadine at the Capital FM Awards 2004

More Pictures from Backstage at CD:UK (May 29th 2004)

More Pictures from the 'Freaky Friday' Premiere

Glamour Awards 2004

More Pics from the LA Premiere

More pics from backstage at CD:Uk (May 29th 2004)

More pics from Samantha Mumba's Birthday Party

G.A.Y Bar Signing

UK TOP 40 - Girls Aloud Secret Camera

Daniel Pearces' engagement

HMV Signing - 2003

Inside The Press Room at Fox Kids Live

Press podium - Summer XS 2004

Norfolk - Radio 1 Gig

On Stage

CDUK Medley - No Cheryl

Prince Trust Pictures

GA at G.A.Y in August 2003

Rare Pics from G.A.Y

Girls Aloud - Party In The Park 2003

Christmas At Popworld - Performance Captions

Girls Aloud Live

Pictures from the last ever SMTV Live

Girls Aloud - Popworld Concert

O2 In The Park performance Pics

Pictures from G.A.Y - Red Fairy Outfits

SMTV Live Performance Captions Gallery 2

SMTV Live Performance Captions Gallery 1

Cheryl, Kim & Sarah Pics in Concert

Dublin Gig

Girls Aloud - Dutch Festival

O2 in the city

Kim and Sarah at G.A.Y

Childline Concert in Dublin - January 2004

Girls Aloud on stage - Invicta

Wrexham Gig - February 2004

Butlins - February 21st 2004

O2 in the city gig - Summer 2003

Gig In Belfast

1st ever appearance at G.A.Y Pics

MTV Gig - 2003

More pics from G.A.Y - May 2003

1st ever time at G.A.Y Pics

Party in The Park 2003

Rare Pics of the Girls at G.A.Y on December 31st 2003

Girls Aloud At Hampden

Blue Gig - Hull

More Pics from Party In the Park 2003

More Pics from G.A.Y

More Pics from Fox Kids

New Large Unwatermarked Pictures from an 'Invicta' Gig - RARE

Blackburn Gig Pictures

2003 Spring Break Live Captions

Summer XS Large Pictures

More Pics from Summer XS

Pop Beach 2004 Caps

Pop Beach 2004 - 4 HQS

Power In The Park

Live And Loud 2004

Party In The Park - Cardiff 2003

G.A.Y - 26/06/04

Children In Need 2003

Live and Loud Performance Caps

More pics from Summer XS 2003

Summer XS - Leicster

Party In The Park - Birmingham 2004

More pics from Party In The Park - Birmingham 2004

Pics from Rockingham 2004

More pics from Rockingham 2004

Gig In Reading

Birmingham Gig - HQS

Fan Photos - Box Live 2003

Box Live 2003 - 6 HQS

Grenwhich Gig - No Cheryl

G.A.Y - School Disco - 2003

Pepsi Silver Clef 2003 - 7 HQS

Party In The Park - Cardiff 2003


New Individual Member Pics

Girls Aloud - In The Band

2004 Girls Aloud Calender

1st Ever Photo Shoot

New Girls Aloud Pics

Rare Girls Aloud Pics

TRL Photoshoot


My Kinda Place

New photoshoot


Cheryl, Nadine & Nicola with a teddy

New Individual Calender GA Pics

Girls Aloud Various

Girls Aloud Various Pics


Rise / Sun Webchat / Collages / SOTU Era / Various

SOTU Promo Caps / NGA Vid Caps / NGA Promo Caps

TV Captions / LGC Promo Caps / Various

Various / LGC

Various Magazine Shoots

TV Caps / Various

Various / Collages / Wedding Bells

Various / LGC on TOTP Caps


Magazine Photoshoots / SOTU Photoshoots / SOTU Promo /


Popstars The Rivals Final Show / Bizare Party / Disney / Various

MTV Diary Caps / Various

NO1 / Photo Shoots

SOTU Promo Photoshoots / NGA Promo Photoshoots

Various Pics

Final 10 / The Early Days

More Various Pics of Girls Aloud

Various Girls Aloud Pics

Various Girls Aloud Pics

Various Pictures