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Here is my personal opinion of each track on Girls Aloud's debut album, "SOUND OF THE UNDERGROUND". The album debuted at number two, so make sure you go out and buy it and make the girls get to number one!

Sound Of the Underground

The number one smash hit - Need I say more?!

No Good Advice

The brilliant song which was the Girls' second single. It went in at number two!

Some Kind of Miracle

A very catchy tune! One of my favs! You cant help but sing along!

All I need (All I dont)

A very good tune - sounds a bit like a cross between Holly Valance and the girls from Sclub. Still incredibly catchy and original though!

Life Got Cold

A cool ballad type track - I dont usually like ballads or anything slowish but i love this!

Mars Attack

This is one of Sarah's favs off the album - however it sounds a bit to me like the soundtrack from a computer game!


You cant help but sing along! Fast and brill vocals from all the girls!

Girls Allowed

This amazing song is my fav and should definitely be the girls next single!!!!!!!!!!!!

Forever and a night

A really beautiful ballad with Cheryl taking the lead.

Love / Hate

A fast and funky song - incredibly catchy!

Boogie Down Love


Dont want you back

This song is mid tempo kinda yet so brill!

White Lies

Again another brilliant track!

Love Bomb

I know im most prob sounding boring here - yet again another brilliant track!

Everything You ever Wanted

Yet another brill track from Girls Aloud! Can this 5 sum do no wrong?!