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This page was last updated 29 January, 2003 

Kenya's west coast-Lake Victoria Safari Village

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Popular Activities

The area’s birds, mammals and flora provide a wealth of interest for the visitor. Whatever your particular interest, this incredibly diverse region will be sure to provide a world of discovery.

  Fishing Trips

MbutaKubwa.jpg (139933 bytes)The lake is famous for its fishing. There is plenty of tilapia (local name is ndege), a sweet tasting local favorite caught along the lakeshores. But the real draw here is the Nile Perch (local name is mbuta), the world's largest freshwater fish. The Perch reaches massive proportions and is a formidable fighting opponent. The lakes current record is a 90 kg trophy. 

Fishing trips on the lake in traditional canoes powered by an outboard engine or modern speedboats can be arranged. Local, English speaking fishermen, who know the area well, operate the boats. The chances to catch a record breaking Nile Perch, 20- 60 kg  should be good. Lunch and drinks can be provided if you plan a whole days safari on the lake. 

  Bird Watching

Balakwasi.jpg (51314 bytes)For birdwatchers, the west is one of Kenya's richest regions. Visit Mbasa Islands for bird and reptile viewing. These twin islands are about an hour's boat   ride from the Village. In the compound of Lake Victoria Safari Village more than 150 different species of birds have been recorded per March 2002, so the area is a heaven for birders. E-mail us for a copy of our Bird's Checklist. Visit the homepage of Kenya Birds to see photographs of some of the magnificent birds on our checklist. (a common colourful little bird is the Malachite Kingfisher,,bird no. 10 on the opening page). Please browse this homepage, it contains a lot of useful information about Kenya's birds and where to spot them.

  Wildlife Safari  

DagKristinLandrover.jpg (22724 bytes)Kenya is known worldwide for its great wealth of wildlife, and western Kenya is no different. The lakeside Ruma National Park is a refugee for two very rare species of antelope, the large Roan and the tiny Oribi.  The Park is about 1 - 1 ˝ hours drive away. Guided tours for those who do not have a four wheel drive vehicle on their own can be arranged.


    Adventure Safari  

If you're looking for an active safari, western Kenya is the ideal place to mix exploration and relaxation. For the trekker, there is plenty of opportunity to strap on a pack and head for the hills. 

The Gembe Hills, in the vicinity of Safari village, is ideal hill walking country, gently rising to a peak of  3957 m. There are extensive series of tracks and paths that wind through a varied landscape of semi-arid scrub, farmland and open fields. There is excellent birding and stunning views. There are no set routes, just the freedom to explore in wild, tranquil surroundings. Experienced and knowledgeable guides can be made available.

On the nearby, Mfangano Island, a high plateau towers high above the beaches. Visitors can climb a winding path that leads its way through tiny villages and rocky slopes to a magnificent viewpoint across the lake. But the reward for this relatively tough climb is more than just the view. In the shelter of a high curved overhang, a series of cave paintings, are ranged along the length of a wall.

    Specialist Safari

ProconsulAfricanusWhite1.jpg (10870 bytes)The nearby islands offers plenty of opportunity for special interest travel.    If prehistory is your interest, the islands of Lake Victoria are a treasure trove of fossils. Work on Rusinga Island has uncovered plenty of prehistoric insect, reptile and human fossils. Rusinga was the scene, in 1948, of Mary Leakey's discovery of the scull of a man's earliest ancestors- Proconsul africanus. On Mfangano Island, on one of the viewpoints in the shelter of a high curved overhang, a series of cave paintings along the length of a wall can be seen.

  Sightseeing by Boat  

TraditionalCanoeSanda.jpg (122696 bytes)The waters of Lake Victoria are a natural wonder, filled with shimmering shoals of tropical cichlid fish and massive Nile Perch. The green shores  and islands are alive with birds and monkeys. Hippo and crocodile wallow in the shallows while the air rings with the haunting cry of the majestic Fish Eagle. There are several interesting places to visit such as bird islands, fishing villages etc. Visit local fishing villages on the islands where you can have a chat with the local people on the beach or over a drink in the village bar.

  Cichlid Collection

CychlideLakeVictoriaHapMarc.jpg (20629 bytes)Locate and catch your own cichlid specie and bring it home to your aquarium. We have what is needed for you to safely transport the valued species to your home. African Cichlids are prized and adored for their beautiful coloration. You cannot find freshwater fish that are more colorful than these fish from East Africa.  Look at this picture of a Lake Victoria Hap (©Marc Elieson) for example. Read more about the Lake Victoria cichlids and see photographs of more species on. 


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