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Reflections Fan Fic Awards

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Welcome to the first annual "Reflections Fan Fiction Awards". This site is dedicated and determined to recognize those outstanding authors and the stories that have made an impact in the world of fan fiction.

1. All stories must be completed unless nominated in Best Ongoing Story category.
2. One nomination per author, per category.
3. A banner or text link must be posted at all times.
4. Categories close after 10 nominations and/or at the end of the nomination period.
5. There will be a winner and a runner up in each category.
6. All stories must be BSB fan fiction. No BSB cameos although cameos from other artists is allowed.
7. Please make sure the stories you nominate use proper grammar and spelling. Any poorly written stories (grammar wise) will be disqualified.
8. I will accept slash on the grounds that it's not degrading, explicit or just plain gross. I don't like those stories but I will accept them on those terms. Sorry.
9. Votes/Nominations will only be accepted during the specified dates. Any submissions before or after the dates will be ignored.*
10. Please vote only ONCE PER DAY. Voting is based on an author's talent not popularity.
11. Absolutely no BSB bashing.
12. All decisions are FINAL.

*When nominating stories please include title, author, url, brief synopsis, and category.
*If you see "/start" in the "to" section of your email please remove it otherwise the email will bounce.

Best Couple
Best Comedy
Best Fight
Best Group/Combo
Fantasy/Sci Fi
Best Ongoing
Surprise Ending
Story of the Year


Best Couple/Love Story:

Makes you sigh and ponder why your own relationship can't be this perfect.

Best Comedy:

Made you laugh so hard you left a puddle on the floor!

Best Fight:

You just couldn't wait for these folks to put on the gloves and come out swinging!

Best Group/Combo:

Two or more members have to be main characters.

Best Fantasy/Sci-Fi:

From fairies to the far reaches of outer space.

Best Ongoing Story:

Like the energizer bunny it just keeps going ang going...

Best Cliffhanger:

Has you up unitl two in the morning because you just can't seem to stop reading.

Best Surprise Ending:

Hits you like a mack truck 'cuz you never saw it coming.

Character You Love To Hate:

She's a b*tch he's an a**hole but the story just wouldn't be the same without them.

Best Tearjerker:

How many boxes of Kleenex did you go through?

Story of the Year:

The one story that exceeds expectations in a combination of categories.