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Kira! Kira!

Kira Kira is the maintained and crafted by Junko Ohara and Annette Pedrosian.

Junko is a spunky little number, crafting sparkly little gems by day, and serving sushi by night! You can also catch Junko on the streets of Los Angeles, shooting street fashion photography for magazines such as Korean Elle! In her free time, Junko enjoys dancing, cooking, and of course.. shopping for the finest materials to make jewlery for kira kira!

Annette is the kira girl behind the books... no, really, she works at a library! But she's not all "shhhhh!" and "no running in the library!", this blonde prefers the beats of 60's soul and pop! When she's not working at the library, or dancing to records, Annette can be found in her bedroom taking pictures, making books, or jumping on her bed. You can view more of her work at