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Can you answer these questions?

1. List the 1st & last names of all 4 Sweathogs on Welcome Back Kotter?
2. How did Jamie Sommers become bionic?
3. Name every actress who played an 'angel' on Charlie's Angels
4. What color is the car that Starsky & Hutch drive?
5. What sci-fi tv show of the 60's became a Filmation cartoon in the 70's?
6. Name the two main families on Soap?
7. On what show did Dano get to book the bad guy?
8. What model of car did Starsky and Hutch drive?
9. What did The Chief nickname Starsky's car on Stasky and Hutch??
10. The real names of the cast of Gilligan's Island
11. What was the first name of Captain Dobey on Starsky & Hutch?
12. Name the NYC club where Blondie and the Ramones got their start?
13. What's the connection between the Carol Burnett Show and Mama's Family
14. What did Archie Bunker call his son-in-law?
15. Who wrote the 1977 TV mini-series Roots?
16. Whose big break was playing Vinnie Barbarino on Welcome Back Kotter?
17. M*A*S*H: What was Radar O'Reilly's real first name?
18. Can you name all of the Bradford's on Eight is Enough?
19. On Happy Days, what animal did Fonzie jump his motorcycle over?


What new clothes were introduced during the 70s that you can think of? This is a list of all the clothing styles that were popular during the seventies.

· Angel Flight Suits Coordinated disco suit with jacket, vest, and flared pants. Your shirt had to be a shiny satin with the large collar.
· Angel Sleaved Blouses Loose cut, oversized blouses with "bell bottom" sleeves. All Cotton. I bought my sister one during the height of disco and she never took it off, except to tan.
· Army Jackets Actual olive-drab army jackets (which could be purchased at an Army/Navy store were very big at my high school, especially amongst the stoner males. They were frequently worn with ripped jeans or jeans that dragged on the ground.
· BASS Shoes You mentioned GASS Shoes. These would have been a knock-down version of the more expensive BASS label. They looked alot alike, but the BASS label was the sought after label of the time. · Bamboo purses
The purse was in a square shape made out of vinyl with a drawstring top. Came in different colors, mostly tan, black, red. (Mine was red.) The outer base and side frames were huge brown bamboo rings. And the strap was made out of smaller brown bamboo rings interlinked together.
· Banana Jeans Instead of the buckle in the front, it was in the back, right below the small of the back & they were very high waisted, usually denim.
· Bead Chokers 70's version was a bit cheapo looking compared to the chokers now, mostly because they were hand made. Small beads in a elastic cord and knotted so it became a tight necklace around the neck. Circa 1974-75
· Bell Bottoms Denim tight at the top and baggy at the bottom
· Blue Jean Purses Old blue jeans made into a purse. Cut off legs, sew up bottom use the extra leg material to make the strap, attach a button to close the purse embroider flower designs and add studs for decoration.
· Blue Jean overalls Popular - at least in California. Standard overall design but not meant for working.
· Capris Short cut off jeans about knee length
· Cheese cloth Shirts, dresses, skirts anything was made from cheese cloth, it was crinkly so you didn't need to iron it. It used to shrink sometimes just on the first wash sometimes with every wash. If it was cream coloured you had to soak it in cold tea after washing to keep its colour.
· Chemin de fer Pants Some looked like a chastity belt with 6 buttons on each hip..making a flap when unbuttoned. The other style had 4 buttons in the front and the top button was purposely not able to be buttoned...these had a buckle across the back of the pants...quite the statement back then.
· Clip-on Suspenders Wide, at least two inch suspenders, generally with rainbows or anything way colorful. Silver cheap metal clips. Found first pair in 1974. In Alabama.

· Clogs Sling-back shoes with a thick heel and sole, made of wood with leather or suede front straps and a metal buckle.

· Corduroy! Originally known as the "poor man's velvet" on its invention in the 18th century, this fabric is made with the warp higher than the weft, producing an eye-catching look similar to velvet, but much, much cheaper. Corduroy enjoyed enormous popularity in 1970's men's clothes and was made into suits, blazers, leisure suits, shirts, and jeans ("cords"). Popular colors were various shades of tan and brown, burgundy, and bottle-green. I recall that a green, three-piece corduroy suit with flared trousers was one of my favorite formal items when I was a child. The fabric also appeared made into women's skirts, but on the whole it was thought of by designers as a men's material. Corduroy suffered greatly from its association with the 1970's - items made in this fabric vanished after 1981 and have been impossible to find until right now - Fall 2000.

· Crocheted Beer Can Hats Labels of beer cans were cut into either squares or ovals, and crocheted together to form a hat.

· Dean's Sweaters Usually cream background with a patterned yoke around the neck, 3-button closure at neck. Very popular with the preppy crowd.

· Denim Jeans Converted Into Skirts Ripped out the inseam and stitched floral print material in the middle to make it a skirt

· Dingo Boots About 1977 these were the craze, usually worn with *Gaucho pants( these were just below the knee and usually corduroy) Most of the boots had rubber souls.

· Dittos Jeans These were the first must-have label jeans. They came in a large array of colors and styles with names like "Hi-rise". They were so popular (at least in southern California). After this, many other "label" jeans/clothing became popular. I would LOVE to get my hands on a pair of these. I keep trying e-bay and other sites.

· Down jackets & Vests Big, puffy jacket. Made you look huge! Colors I remember were bright green, orange and blue. Nerd city, but tres cool back then! Mine was a cheap version!

· Earth Shoes Ergonomically correct shoes in which the heels were lower than the front.

· English Flag Shirts Shirt made with the English flag, Cool with the punk rocker crowd, worn only a short period of time but still part fo the 70s.

· Flame Bleached Jeans We used to take these bell bottoms and a plant sprayer with bleach in it and make flames go up the sides from the bell bottoms. They were really cool.

· Fringed Suede Vest/Jacket If you could afford one, a suede vest or jacket with long fringes around the middle and/or bottom made quite a fashion statement!

· Frye boots Hideously ugly and expensive "cowboy" style boots worn by girls when I was in high school (mid 70s) Often worn with the equally hideous gauchos!

· GASS Brown Shoes These were brown or different shades of brown leather shoes sold at Kinney shoe store, and had the GASS logo on the bottom (Great American Shoe Store), and we actually sat there and looked at people's bottoms of shoes to see if they were GASS or not!

· Gabardine Pants Tight, usually corderoy pants that had a belt buckle in the front. Think John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever

· Glitter socks These were knee-high socks with glitter. I had a pair in the late 70s that were blue striped with silver glitter.

· Goucho Pants A coulotte type worn by high school girls that went below the knee, usually colorful, sort of a Mexican look. Usually worn with high leather boots that lace up. Early 70's look.

· Granny Gowns These were long dresses worn mostly by pre-teen girls and most of them had a floral print design.

· Gypsy Tops (England) A light cotton top, gathered at the neck line and bottom, bright colours. The string at the neck usually had little bells on the end. Worn with a matching midi-length skirt, elasticated waist with a tie cord and beels on to match the top, frilled at the bottom.

· HASH Jeans HASH blue jeans where bell bottom and had a double-star design and the letters H.A.S.H. stiched in gold thread on the back right pocket. Many teenageres cut-off the pant legs to make shorts with frayed fringes. The shorter the better. I still have a pair that I got from a teenage neighbor for helping her clean her mom's kitchen so she could go out with her boyfriend.

· Halter Necks. Bright halters or just plain black. Perfect worn with a wrap-around frilled jacket!

· Halter top Thes shirts were like normal tanktops BUT went around your neck..they came in an array of colors but the glittery disco ball effect was the most popular.

· Hang Ten satin jackets Pink, blue and maybe green. They were huge in the disco era ( late 70's). They had white and the jacket color stripes around the sleeves and the collar.

· High Waisted Baggy Pants Slacks that came up nearly to the armpits, and usually had very narrow belt loops, so that you could only fit the requisite pencil-thin belt through them. Loose-legged, with large bell bottoms and huge cuffs. All different fabrics and colors, although plaid was a favorite. Always worn with platform shoes and usually a "midriff" top; a shirt or blouse that only came as low as the top of your trousers.

· Hip Huggers How quickly we forget. Those bell bottoms with the "waistline" striking just below the belly button. Double front zippers were pretty fashionable,one on each side.

· Hotpants Very short dressy shorts,usually plush velvet, with a wide,usually white ,belt,to match your white go-go boots.

· Jordache Jeans Tight jeans, dark blue the best, actually ironing them was a good idea. Late 70's-very early 80's

· Leather Purses with Beaded Fringes Leather purses resembling a pouch with a drawstring with fringes around the edges decorated with multicolored beads.

· Marshmellows They were platform shoes, that had white laces and a thick (THICK) white "marshmellow" heel. They came in different colors (light blue, red, pick).

· Maxi Dresses Full length dresses for parties, etc, like a bridesmaid's dress, worn with choker and crochet shawl, usually a fitted bodice and A-line skirt

· Mood Rings A ring which was suppose to decribe what mood you were in by your body heat. Ex: Black= Bad Mood!

· Yo-Yo's Platform shoes w/holes in the middle of the soles! st of important events the occured during 1974. Exact dates are listed when known.

· Nixon resigns Once the articles of impeachment had been drawn up, Nixon was required to release more tapes, which clearly tied him to the Watergate coverup. On August 8th, he resigned.

· Gerald Ford pardons Nixon

· Patricia Hearst is abducted The Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA) was a terrorist group which ordered the wealthy Hearst family to distribute $2 million in free food to the area's poor. After the demands were met, they got a picture of their daughter with a machine gun that stated she was staying on to fight with the group. When she was caught a year later, it was argued that she had been brainwashed. She was found guilty and sentenced to seven years in prision (later commuted by President Carter).

· First black model on cover of a major fashion mag Beverly Johnson on Vogue

· Speed limits decreased to 55 mph on highways

· Heimlich maneuver developed

· Girls allowed to play in Little League baseball

· Stephen Hawking proposes new Black Hole theory Hawking proposed the theory that radiation was able to escape the pull of a black hole, which ran counter to Einstein's theory that nothing, not even light, can escape the pull of a blackhole.

· Henry Aaron beats Babe Ruth's homerun record

· First women priests in the Episcopal Church The church declared the ordinations illegal, but in 1976 officially sanctioned women priests in the church.

· Ethopian Emperor Haile Selassie dethroned After a famine which killed over 200,000 people and had seen no help from the government, he was over-thrown.

· Ford grants limited amnesty to draft dodgers

· Freedom of Information act passed over Ford's veto

· Election Campaign Act limits contributions An individual could no longer contribute more than $1,000. Of course ways were quickly found to get around that limit.

· The first pocket calculators become widespread The introduction of cheap large-scale integrated (LSI) chips made it possible for a calculator to be cheaper and smaller.

· Mikhail Baryshnikov defects from the Soviet Union

· India tests it's first nuclear bomb

· Girl's allowed in Little League baseball in 1974