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The Will of Man is a force that is powered through the God Dimension by controlling the particles within its grasp. The power to succeed in any choice of a person is a power that very few understand or realize—but it exists. One can become or do anything they choose by using the Will and power of the Mind to use and control the particles of Matter they come into contact with; in other words, humans create their own reality. This is a power that any one person can attain. Often times a person will wield this power without even realizing it. They do so through the more powerful connection their Mind has with the three-dimensional world—often, unaware they hold this power.

The most control anyone can have is the control over oneself; of course, this is also the most important control one should have. The power to control the Self and Will it in any direction one may wish also provides the realization that one can tap into one’s own Mind and reveal to themselves the power of the God Dimension. Once one can see past themselves and realize they are a three-dimensional form controlled by the God Dimensional power of the Mind—which may be a collective form of God everywhere—that person can use their power to enlighten those closest to them about the beauty that exists all around us which has been formed in Nature. One of the greatest fears of the Devil is that the Self will be realized as simply a creation through which the Mind can work; dispelling the belief that the importance of its survival and destruction in order to fulfill pleasures for the Self will no longer be paramount; that it will be replaced by the desire to serve that which created it and in its reflection live a life of purity.

Since all things work forward from what seem to be simple beginnings, it is in this conception that one can begin to understand the complexity of the God Dimension. This concept of humble beginnings is the basis for all businesses as well as God—another reflection. Just as anything existing begins from the tiniest particle, a business may begin from nothing and through attraction of its existence (the product) it continues to grow and evolve. Ralph Lauren began selling ties out of the back of his car to become a hugely successful clothes manufacturer. Stories like this are wide spread in the business field. The possibilities of all things are endless. All that must be achieved in order to succeed is the act of attraction. As attraction occurs the existence evolves by conforming and combining with the stimuli it is presented with. So, the same way a salesman can become a clothes icon, a tree grows. The potential lies in all things that exist to become anything in existence; it is simply how it reacts to its environment that helps dictate its future. The more one is able to predict the possibilities and conform to stimuli that attempt to change or form it the more successful its existence will be. To achieve anything one must first put forth an effort that is equal to the goal they wish to achieve. There is a way for any person to do or become anything they want. It is simply a matter of effort and the connection they have into the God Dimension through their Mind. If one wishes to become an astronaut, there is a way to achieve it. If one wishes to lose 50 pounds—there is a way to achieve it. One must also realize that in order to achieve great things one must lay a foundation to draw ones energy from. The energy will always be there for one to draw from.

Energy exists to help each of us fulfill anything that we desire. But the energy to achieve a connection of the Mind to the God Dimension is much more tasking than making a sandwich to fulfill hunger. One cannot simply go run 10 miles on Will alone, nor can one become a Hollywood actor just by showing up in Hollywood. One must train oneself in the specific foundation that is needed in order to achieve difficult things. If one desires to run 10 miles, one must prepare for those 10 miles by taking the steps needed in order to endure those 10 miles. The body is not prepared or given the power to just go and run 10 miles, just as the body is not prepared to give up all sensual pleasure based solely on Will. If one wants to run 10 miles one must get into shape by starting slow, planning, and setting goals for oneself which are much more achievable than 10 miles, eventually that will add up into the achievement of running 10 miles.

Through this preparation and acceptance that this preparation is necessary one can increase the probability that the ulimate goal can and will be achieved. If one decided to not prepare itself properly and just go out and try to run 10 miles it will fail nearly every time. In failing and not realizing that great feats need to be planned and prepared for, one may give up on the goal completely before ever attempting it properly. One should run one mile first and increase it as they feel comfortable. Someone who wants to run 10 miles isn’t going to run 10 miles until they feel their body is ready to handle those 10 miles. Most of the most well known businessess and products were started small and took many baby steps on the way to becoming the large corporations they are today. Likewise, one cannot live a life of sin and suddenly Will itself to stop sinning. One must ease its way into things that are difficult to achieve.

The same can be said of choosing to serve as a collective part of God instead of living only for the Self. One must first understand the basics and set small and easily attainable goals of understanding the complexity that exists. By continuing to understand different complexities one can eventually understand many complexities that exist and by understanding a group of complexities it can further see the Truth from which the complexities originate. By adding up all the complexities one has the ability to understand, those complexities can then be placed together to form a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Putting the importance of God before the Self can be achieved, but it can be one of the most difficult battles one will ever face—with a reward greater than that of any material thing. To learn to control the urges of the material body, controlled by the Devil through behavior modification, is a task that takes a tremendous amount of Will. The more one puts into the acheivment of a goal, the more that goal eludes that person, and the more rewarding it becomes when it is attained. It may take a whole lifetime for one to achieve such a difficult and complex goal. It may take years upon years of difficult internal battles, but the road these battles are fought on are much greater in importance than the roads that undisciplined excess is trampled upon.

When one finally realizes that their life and the Self should take a back seat to the importance of God’s plan to battle the Evil within him through the material world, one is further rewarded for being part of the team instead of hogging the ball. Though much can be gained for the Self in hogging the ball—the pleasures that will be placed on the Self—they pale in comparison to that rewards that the Self can feel for contributing to the success of the collective Self and having a hand in helping that which created it. One must realize that the importance of the Self is only a consideration when the Self considers itself the center of all things. The reflection of the Self is like that of an atom. A person surrounds themselves with people (for this example we will not take into consideration lovers, which are simply a way for the self to attempt its own completion) of likeness that helps to identify for that person who they are. When surrounding oneself with friends one may consider itself the center of that unit. One may also realize that on a larger scope outside of oneself the inclusion of other people around oneself forms a unit. The unit is formed and is very similar and alike in many ways; acting out individually or as a unit in ways which help to keep that unit formed—similar language, activities, beliefs, and mannerisms. The formation of this unit not only makes the Self stronger but confirms the theory that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Each person is considered a part of this unit and by themselves do not hold the power of influence or suggestion that the group holds as a unit. The extension of the unit extends much further than the unit may realize.

INSERT PICTURE The likeness one chooses lies in the desire and respect the Self has for other Selves that serve as a more powerful unit. This is why language, activities, beliefs, and mannerisms spread all over the Earth—a saying, term, accent, or gesture can become universal to all units. This extension is similar to that which we are constructed from in particles. The nucleus, or unit, often times is centered around one individual who has closest to it those that revolve around it, forming the first unit. This nucleus draws that which desires to be like it and around that person there moves other people that act as electrons. Even further, other people are drawn to that nucleus, which is connected to the original nucleus, so now they are alike and forming a combination of a unit through their likeness and conformity to the original nucleus, whether by direct contact or indirect contact. The similarity here is obvious, in that the basic particles that form a three-dimensional object is reflected in the way people group and conform to one another. Just as the pull of particles to one another due to gravity is the basis for two or more people of similar beliefs, ideals, mannerisms, appearance, or interests are compelled to become friends and combine to form a unit.

This unit also is better controlled when all members of the unit agree, but the members of the unit rarely do agree on anything. This is not only counterproductive but also brings into question the solidarity of the unit itself. How could a unit of such similarities and their existence based on their likeness have such different opinions and views of simple activities? The answer is that the Self is still more prominent and shows through even when existing as a unit. This is analogous to that of the battle within the Self between God and the Devil and the importance of giving up the Self for an appreciation and understanding of that which it better functions within: God.

It can be said with confidence then that by living as a function of a group, still holding to the original Self and its inner beliefs, as each particle does, the group serves a greater good than the desire of just the Self and its own needs. This must be so since particles do not form and exist as individual particles; but rather, they exist to conform through likeness and combine with that which is more dominant than they are as an individual particle. The desire to be like and be alike exists in the God Dimensional makeup of the particles that are designed to allow our existence. The problem that exists for nearly all humans is they live in the present, based on the past, and fearing the future. The Devil has made it so you fear the unknown, in this control of using negative reinforcement based on the knowledge of the past, one lives a self fulfilling prophecy of fearing what the future holds, keeping one from acting as it should and instead acting to prevent what they fear in the future to come true. If one did not fear the future and realized they have the power to accomplish anything they want, based not on the past, but on the realization that the particles which form them can have powerful influence on the particles they will conform, combine, or repel in the future.

Through no fear of the future, one can form any future they wish, through the effort they put forth in direct correlation to the goal they wish to achieve. By fearing the future based on the past the Devil controls the Mind through the body to believe that the only goal that is achievable is one that takes little or no effort and guarantees no physical or emotional pain. All great success in the material world, through business, inventions, and discoveries, were based on no fear of the future based on the results of the past and how one is potentially affected in the present. A calculated risk can provide a determined reward based on the effort put forth by an individual and the preparatory steps that individual performed in hopes of attaining that goal.

The Devil demands of Mankind to fear survival in the future and to only attain that which provides the least path of resistance in pleasuring oneself in the material form. With fear of the future at hand, basic survival becomes paramount, leading to simple desires that will aid in the preservation of the Self. By living in a world controlled by fear, positive and negative reinforcement, and a desire to only attain that which is animalistic in its basis, dreams are squashed and given up to address only the most immediate needs of the Self. Even if the Self agrees to put those fears behind them in the past where they belong, the Self will be intercepted by other individuals who, controlled by the same behavior modification, desire to also squash dreams and attempts, through their own doubts and beliefs, to destroy the hopes and desires of the one who has chosen not to live under this same control.

By not conforming, but repelling the power of the Devil to control one’s life, one must face opposing forces that will continue to attempt to destroy one’s hopes and dreams. Through this battle one will become closer to the God Dimension and will thusly have more control of the Mind—especially since this leads to less control by the Devil—and ultimately a greater chance at connecting to that which they desire. Those that live in a Self fulfilling world and live in fear of their own future, deciding to live a safe, simple, and survivable existence, will always be an adversary to those that choose desire to connect to the God Dimension through the Mind, becoming a closer believer and follower of that which created them.

Although the Devil is the strongest of all foes, whether within one’s own Mind or another’s, the destruction of his influence over the Self frees the Self to attain that which it desires. The point being that one must battle within ourselves for God: who battles within himself through humans as material. One must realize that this is truly happening; and by choosing to live their life on the side of God one will be contributing to the prevention of the Devil taking more control. If the Devil were to continue to increase his control it will inevitably lead to the destruction of God in the material world. Where can one find the largest and closest group of particles together in the three-dimensional world? The answer of course is the Sun. Is it not surprising then, that where the largest agglomeration of particles takes place—within the closest proximity to humans—that it is there where we gain the most energy from? More particles are amassed in the Sun than anywhere else within the physical proximity of human beings and all living things. It is the Sun from where we gain our energy to awaken and absorb all things materially. Without the power of the Sun nearly all living things would cease to exist. The power of the Sun is thus an example of God’s power and the power within ourselves. We too are made up of these same particles. We too possess a power to expose our energy on other three-dimensional objects in a positive way to create energy—albeit microscopic compared to the Sun. The Sun though, creates energy for billions of people and other life—a person need not have that power. It is only necessary that a person project the power of its condensed particles to positively affect those it comes into contact with. Just as the Sun shines its great light and energy on anything that stands before it, Man has the same power and energy to project unto any being which stands before it. It is in this tremendous power of energy—taking form into what we call the Sun—that the example of the power of God exists.

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