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A Foundation in Einstein's Relativity

Before we can run into our new awareness we must walk, and to do this means we must briefly discuss some complicated scientific information.  Let us begin: If a body emits a certain amount of energy then the mass must decrease proportionally; therefore, light transfers mass.  In accordance with the Big Bang Theory, if the principal particle, being the first particle of creation, emits a large amount of energy then it too must decrease proportionally; likewise, if the Sun is emitting energy then is it decreasing in size as it emits the energy.  This theory begins the explanation and theory behind a black hole.  When a mass like the Sun collapses upon itself after using up all it’s energy it will form a black hole that has a tremendous gravitational force; millions of times its current gravitational force which keeps all the planets of the solar system in orbit.  And as Scientists prove that the Universe is expanding—initially thought to be contracting—and agree that at some point we will stop expanding and begin to contract, will we possibly do so back to that primary particle.

The importance of these facts, no matter how abstract and unimportant they may seem to most of us, is that it helps to open the Mind to understand that we are all existing in a state of constant movement.  And though we don’t see or feel this movement occurring at every moment it is in fact, and unbelievably, happening.  This is of course the foundation for Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.  An easy way to grasp this theory is to appreciate that objects will behave the same way on a ship moving across the sea as they would on a ship that is docked in a harbor; for example, a person walking across the ship’s deck.  But more importantly, if a body of mass moves and it presses against light, the material, yes the material, is pushed back proportionally due to the fact that it is moving light as the mass moves through it.  So if we move our hand (an experiment one can do while reading this letter) from one side of our body and wave it to the other side energy is created by pushing the light.  But this is unmeasured by the naked eye; thus just because we cannot tell we’re moving through space—as a ship does on the water—does not mean that it is not occurring.  And just because we cannot see light being moved does not mean that Energy is not being created.  But rather, and more importantly, we need to accept this fact, comprehend it, and use it as a model for what all things in our existence can be based upon.

Continuing, if we are able to move mass, no matter its size, at the speed of light squared one can produce a massive amount of energy.  This is the equation E=mc2.  So if we were to move our hand across our body at the speed of light squared, its force would interact with light composed of molecules, that can explode certain molecules due to the force of our hand moving through it.

If mass at the speed of light squared produces energy, and even a small amount of mass at that speed can produce a great amount of energy, then it is interchangeable, meaning: mass can be produced by energy (Earth is formed from mass which was initially energy); therefore, the law discovered by Einstein is one of the many laws based on God’s natural law -- an astonding discovery.

Einstein was able to expose the other dimension in which God exists and used a mathematical equation to characterize it.  Mathematics was used because it cannot be characterized any other way; it exists in a dimension that we are yet to see or know.  And since this is so, then all mass around us is formed by what was initially energy, moving at a certain speed through space and combining with other energy formed in the same manner; furthermore, if the Earth is moving through space then this movement in and of itself causes energy to form within those same limits that have hitherto been set forth by God known as natural laws.  Since this energy can be interchangeable with mass—according to Einstein’s theory—and mass is formed through the movement of energy, it’s movement therefore must be moving at such a speed that our brain is incapable of comprehending or visualizing.  Ah, but it did come to be through the combination of this energy in a form smaller than that which is smallest; thus, since it is made up of this energy, it can control it and disperse it by attaching it through and forming a complex multiplicity of it in the form of nerve cells—shooting back and forth energy, calculating it as messages—just like electricity.  These messages tell that same energy, that which created it, that which formed it, that in which it was formed, all designed to understand and control it for the purpose of understanding all mass that exists around it.

In that same vain, Einstein used thought experiments to further the understanding of how to think about these ideas -- God knows many of us need help in understanding these complex theories.  Einstein did so in way that prevents an idea from being restricted by the limits of only what one may think to be true.  One of Einstein's experiments went like this: If we stand inside a box holding a book—the box being a metaphor for the atmosphere of the Earth—drop the book and it falls to the floor of the box, we will assume that the force of gravity pulled it downward.  But this might not be the case.  The entire box we are standing within could be free of gravity and instead accelerating upwards, allowing the floor of the box to move up to meet the book.  In this box, Einstein noted, we cannot tell the difference between the two cases.  But our brain assumes the obvious, or rather, what we have been taught to think or explain with rational thought—that gravity pulled the book to the floor.  And this, an example of what we think is obvious, might actually be the furthest from the truth. 

This same confusion accounts for the obligatory loss in accepting our own existence as that of one of mistaken and controlled deliberation.  We live and exist within what has become an abomination, are controlled by the laws by which it governs us; therefore, we are blind to it; therefore, there must be some correlation between accelerated motion and the force of gravity?  The answer is that we, the Earth, are simply moving through space in a fashion that has yet to be fully understood.

The confusion lies in the fact that the revolution of the Earth, or any body of mass, is contradictory to the theory of condensation.  If a body is spinning, the speed at which it spins would rather prevent condensation and would seek to expel its own nature.  It would be the nature of the Earth to be stationary in order to better condense, rather than one of a revolutionary movement which forces to expel and protect from outside forces.  Unless the revolutionary movement we expect of it, that which is in our world, is acting on itself in a backwards form, contradictory to a spinning that expels, but rather a spinning that contracts.  With a revolutionary movement that aides in contraction, upon a revolutionary movement that so forces its particles to combine with one another, that upon this ultimate contraction it swirls inward, upon itself, becoming a black hole.  So a force that is more prominent than that which is solely based on condensation would be one that not only condenses upon itself, but does so through the speeding up of the force of this condensation upon itself by revolutionary movement—a spinning force of unbridled magnetism based on the movement of super gravity; in addition and comparatively, showing and explaining how the presence and action of Matter warps space in which it exists.  Often, it is in the opposite of things, or random oddities in consistency, where answers to questions lie.

We must accept that we are on Earth, like the ship on the water, moving through space in a way that has little bearing on our natural laws.  These laws were designed to take this movement into account; nonetheless, it is still an important factor in understanding gravitational force and how light interacts with it.  All this seemingly trivial information will eventually lead back and serve as a foundation for future discussions within this letter.  In closing, this letter’s reason for an explanation of these things forces one to agree and accept that one has to think beyond the obvious of what we simply assume to be true.

This “assuming” is the same basis that magicians use to fool us with their magic.  They use to their advantage what we have already learned and accepted as the only possibility for an outcome.  In doing so, they can play tricks on the Mind which is automatically geared to use presupposed expectations to explain natural law.  The realization that this is so is only the first step to unraveling the Truth of what has been kept from us since birth.  We have been trained to think certain ways to keep our Mind from knowing the Truth of what is surrounding us at every second in the real world.  When this letter is through, we will no longer be trapped with low expectations like a simple animal, but will have accepted our limitless abilities, and will use them to help our Creator defeat all that which is Evil.

Lastly, because we live in light, our bodies are able to bend it.  Gravity has the power to bend light as well, but light is so significant in the Universe that its correlation to energy can be thought of again in the form E=mc2.  Material reflects light and light bends and forms around material.  It does this due to gravitational forces pushing up against such mass.  From this it can easily be understood that gravity is formed on Earth because of the vibrational force of light Earth exerts as it spins in space.  And this spinning of the Earth causes slight changes in space, which in turn, is able to vibrate space; thus that vibration diverging ever so slightly from the stationary moment in space, in both directions, causes a pulling and tugging towards the center.  This occurs in order to keep the Earth from losing its place and floating away.  As nonsensical as all this sounds, the importance of these ideas lie in laying a foundation to help us understand our own existence and the direction we are headed as a species, as explained later in this letter.

Almost all great philosophers were indeed mathematicians.  The reason for this is simply that what we call “Mathematics” is, in essence, the blueprint for all existence.  The world we live in is so super complex that we’ve only been able to evolve by our own Minds filtering out 99% of that which is happening around us.  So an ordinary person, living an ordinary life, only processes that which is simple and instinctual—the same way a wild animal lives.  But now, since we’ve had time to evolve into the creatures we are today we can finally take that next step: crossing over into a new consciousness.  Frankly, most people don’t even want to know what really exists in the world.  They spend their days filling them up with useless tasks and details in order to keep their Minds busy.  This “work” fills our time with superficial and basic survival which draws away from—and prevents us—from digging within our own Mind to discover why we even exist at all.  Some would rather suffer life in different forms of pain—both physical and mental—than discover the true meaning to their existence; in addition, these people aggressively seek to fill selfish needs first and foremost instead of addressing the important issues of our being: saving our collective world for the future of God.

What we see right now in front of us, what we see everyday, is a world made up of millions upon trillions of mathematical calculations calculating—the God Dimension.  And these mathematics are based on simple predetermined outcomes set in place by God’s law that becomes outcome C when A + B get together.  If you simply turn your head to one side you are completing millions of mathematical calculations in and on the light, known as space, around you.  And these calculations are taking place at every moment throughout our gigantic world. These massive calculations all calculating at once based on the basic rules and laws set forth by God can be used, manipulated, understood, and anticipated to generally predict at super speed everything that has, does, and will happen in what we know as “Time”.  Surprisingly, even within dreams we are using mathematical principles of space and time, which will serve to further later arguments contained in this letter.

Unfortunately, congruent with the goal of scientists today, if we break down these mathematical calculations we may unearth the construction of life itself.  But this is not an undertaking we should care to discuss. Rather, it is the unbridled ambition of many scientists and mathematicians that is leading to the destruction of Earth.  As we break all things down into mathematical form we will then be able to manipulate all forms for that which is Evil simply by using the then deconstructed math models.  And to that end, the philosopher Rene Descartes was right when he blamed not God for deceiving him, but a malevolent demon.  And this could be, and is only true because in the material world Evil is stronger than God.

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