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In a move that surprised her friends and family, the Queen of Pop tied the knot for the second time in nine months Saturday night, this time to her fiance, dancer Kevin Federline..
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  Sunday, September 19, 2004  
  The Party Monster Vs. The Good Son

The Home Alone actor was processed at the jail around 6 p.m. CT; he posted $4,000 bail before his eventual release around 7:30 p.m., according to Oklahoma City Police Captain Jeffery Becker.

Around 4 p.m. Friday, Culkin and a buddy were traveling down Interstate 44 in northeast Oklahoma City. The two New York City friends were pulled over for driving 70 mph in a 60 mph speed zone.

After a cursory search of both the driver and Culkin, the arresting officer asked permission to search the car, and both gave consent. Upon discovering 17.3 grams of marijuana in the vehicle, the officer handcuffed Culkin. The Party Monster, star was then taken to jail.

Posted by Anthony
  Saturday, September 18, 2004  
  Thank You . . .

Well after 37 emails from dedicated fans, your wish was my command. Anthony's Domain "50's Retro" is live again. It was truly inspiring to know that my work has not gone un-noticed.

I have decided to purchase another server and also a new domain that will allow me to keep writting new scripts and trying out new designs. Once it is all completed and set up, I will email those of you that have enjoyed my work.

To those of you that visit my site with hopes of promoting your careers and possibly achieving a higher rank, "Enjoy Your Visit".

Posted by Anthony
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