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NOTE: this is what i read from the booklet..it's not my fault if i typed something wrong cuz the font is so small! :)


God, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, for the obvious blessing of this adventure, but also for being my constant source of inspiration and strength all of my life. Mom, for putting up with me, teaching me, and loving me like no one else could have. Thank you for always staying true to your heart and showing me that everything is possible. Annie, for being the absolute coolest sister a guy could ever want. We got quite a road ahead of us. I hope you're ready kid!

Nanny, God bless you for always being there for us through any and everything we faced. You are my angel. Uncle Mike, for your strong and wise words and support. Silver, you are amazing! Thank you for helping to keep me sane...you are a gift! Jones and Dilley, we have all had so many memories...and there are so many more to come. I love you. Glenn T.- this all came from your suggestion and insight. Thank you.

Bill (my dawg), your wisdom, determination, and sense of humor are more than I have ever seen in one person. You truly are one of a kind. Qadree, you came along like salvation. I have such respect for your comforting and strong spirit.

To everyone at Big3 Records-thank you for all of your help and support on this project. We are so grateful!

To the crew-Rod, Robyn, Marvin & Mike @ M2 Entertainment, Vicki W, Rodney J., John & Dino, and Fred-thank you for everything. To Paul A., you are a mentor, a legend, and a friend.

To the summer 2001 "Drops of Jupiter". Thank you-Mark G., Todd C., Todd P., Shana & Jason, Matt & Stacy, Ryan, Jerry, Quinn & Andy, Mike & Meagan, Aaron, Dave, Jim, Speedy, Vicki & Serena, Chris, Mitch, Zacharius, Dreamtimeband.com, Petty, Pat, Victor, Dave, Tony T., LT, Dennis, Louis, Mike, Guy, and Tommy. Barb & Brian, you guys are our Florida mom and dad. Thank you for believing in us. To those I may have forgotten, forgive me. You know who you are.

In loving memory of my Papaw Jones and Grandma Dilley.


Dear God, it's me again. I want to thank you for everything you are, for everything you've helped me to become and for the love of music you've bestowed upon me. May the love I have for you shine through so the world may see what a good friend you truly are.

To my parents, Rev. Benny and Judy Thomas. No words, nor speech, nor song could be written to express how grateful I am to have you. I'm forever indebted to you. Now I want to show how honored I am to be your son. I love you!! To my sisters: Christina (Tyrone), Ivey, and Victoria. I love you so much. To my grandparents: Nanna, Granny, and Paw Paw. Thank you. I love you.

To my friends: Tony, Harrison, Vanessa Martinez, Keith Jr., Al Kohen, Jim McMann, and to everyone at Big3 Studio (Jim "Pinky" Beeman, & Dirty, Dirty Eric), Derrick, Nick Smith, "Uncle" Luke, Markie, Tony Williamson. Thanks! To Josh Walker-I love you. Without you all this would still be an idea.

To the producers: Rod Wilson, John & Dino, Paul Anka, Robin Thicke, Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins, Marvin & Nick Winans, and Vickie Winans. Thank you!

To Bill, Qadree, and Tom. Thank you.

To Josh, Raj, and Marcus. You gave me the opportunity of a lifetime & I wouldn't want to be here without you. Thanks for the encouragement, love, and amazing lessons in life. We've waited for this day for a long time. Here it is...ready? I don't think we know what we've gotten into this time. I love you.

Thanks to all the fans! Thanks to everyone whose name should be here, but isn't.

Tot-thanks to the best friend I've ever had! Though you are no longer living on this earth, not a day goes by I don't think of you. You said we'd make it, and I thank you for the overwhelming amount of love you showed me. I miss you. I thank you. I love you!


First of all, thanks to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Without him none of this is possible. I thank him everyday for his strength, blessings, and guidance. He deserves all the glory. Mom & Dad: you raised me, taught me right from wrong, put up with my hardhead, and still loved me and supported my career. I can't thank you enough. To my sister: you have been such a good friend and so supportive through all of this. To my grandparents: I love you more than life and you are the reason I am here. To Alice Bug, Roz Tina, Brook & Kenny...we've had so much fun through the years and so much more to come. Kenny, you know you are my boy for life. To Uncle Ed and Aunt Juanita, thanks for everything.

I want to thank Bill for believing in us since day one and teaching us so much. To Qadree: You have been an inspiration. Tom, Derek, Pinky, Tamara, Bruce and Maryann. Thank you for your support and blessing.

To all the producers: Rodney, Robin, Paul & Rod, and to the Winans. Thank you. I learned so much.

To my boys back home in NC: Luke, Daniel & Jacklyn, Markie, and Nick...Y'all have been there since the beginning. Y'all know that we are boys for life & have so much fun to come. I want to thank everyone back home who doubted us and gave us the drive to get where we are. I want to thank Mike for the support. Jessica: you have been my rock, support and best friend. Thank you! To the guys: we have been through a lot and we've always believed there's much more to come. What a ride!

Thank you to the fans for the love and support. Without y'all, this wouldn't be possible. You are the reason we sing. We love each one of you.


I would like to thank Jesus for giving us all the courage and passion to follow through with His will. I would also like to thank Him for Bill Edwards and Qadree El-Amin for believing in us and doing whatever it takes to see us fulfill our dreams.

To Jeffrey, Tom, and Derek, thanks for staying true and pushing us. To Pinky, Jimmy, and Erick, thanks for knowing exactly what to do to make our lives so much easier. To Victor, you are definitely heaven sent. Thank you for dealing with us even during our rough times. God has a blessing for you and your family. Congrats on your new baby girl. Hopefully she'll be just like you-caring, loving, and always willing to support what's right.

Mom, Dad, Angela, Roslyn, Yvonne, Antonio, and Uncle Eric-not once have you ever doubted me or thought any of my dreams were out of reach. For that alone, there is no thank you big enough or anything I could ever do to repay you. I love you so much for all your guidance and support that my heart is running out of room to hold it all in. There are many more people that I didn't get to thank, but you are all in my heart and I thank you for your support as well.

Last, and certainly not least, a big thank you to all of our fans. Without your love and support our music would never be heard and felt.

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