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+ site launched on october 8, 2002 (click on the thumbnails for full image)

if you only knew: version 1.0

grr!! i dont know what happened but now the pic isnt here anymore =( i will be much more careful next time when making these pix and stuff

~11/1/02~ VERSiON 1.1: heart beat
from my fave PC song, "quiet can be so loud" where PC sings, "..and i can't hear my HEART BEAT cause your quiet is so loud to me.." so i just took the words heart beat and found a heart layout

~11/27/02~ VERSiON 1.2: silver bells
got started early on the Christmas holidays..hehe hope u like the new layout :)

~12/24/02~ VERSiON 1.3: birthday boy (JOSH)
something plain and simple yet nice for josh's bday (also Christmas!)

~12/27/02~ VERSiON 1.4: feelin' blue
new background wallpaper and light graphics!

~2/16/03~ VERSiON 1.5: TH!NK P!NK
new background wallpaper and flamingtext banner that says 'think pink' (inside)!

2002 the PC site
here's the prymary colorz site: (in case they change layouts)
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