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destiny's child "lose my breath"
mis-teeq "scandalous"
jump5 "just a dream"
britney spears "everytime"
jesse mccartney "beautiful soul"
joss stone "you had me"

name: christine yau

age: 20

location: south florida

nicknames: chris, chrissy, c, dods, lilsenorita

favorite male pop group: bsb

favorite female pop group: soluna

favorite female solo singer: mariah carey (and britney spears)

favorite female Christian solo singer: charmaine

favorite member of prymary colorz: josh even though all the guys ROCK! :D

favorite prymary colorz songs: say goodbye, quiet can be so loud, it's you, if you only knew

siblings: 1 sister

favorite albums: bsb 'millennium', britney spears '...baby one more time', westlife 'westlife', dream street 'dream street', mariah carey 'musicbox', charmaine 'all about Jesus', prymary colorz 'if you only knew', take5 'against all odds', new image '5song EP', plusONE 'the promise', avalon 'oxygen', mandy moore 'so real', aaron carter *his 1st U.S. album*, deep side 'deep side', edison chen "hits or misses", vi3 "...so tight"

other sites i run:
my personal site
a spark of gregory scott

favorite food: pizza

fave drinks: some kinds of soda, juice, cappucino, lemonade, cherry ICEE, hot chocolate, etc

favorite animals: DOLPHINS, dogs (mostly beagles, golden retrievers, etc), koalas, pandas, manatees, kangaroos..i just luv animals!

fave holiday: Christmas

also..i've never seen PC live yet :(
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