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(following facts are from when PC was on nick's u-pick live!) continued list of facts from page 1 ::enjoy!::

33. josh still likes cookie dough ice cream

34. raj's fave is cookies n cream (my fave too!)

35. jonathan says his fave is vanilla

36. marcus likes ben and jerry's choc. fudge brownie

37. josh prefers waking up early over going to bed early

38. between red and fuschia, raj picked red

39. marcus prefers toejam pudding to earwax ice cream (eww lol)

40. special quote from josh: "keep your dreams alive!" (during their funny skit)

41. the guys harmonized while introducing a spongebob episode (they sang: "here's spongebob...")

42. at the recent gaspirilla (sp?) concert w/ PC, nivea, etc, lance bass came out as a special guest!

43. pc's official site link made it into the march '03 issue of popstar! magazine!!
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