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1. remix of IF YOU ONLY KNEW features RAH DIGGA

2. the guys are originally from charlotte [north carolina] but had moved to florida a couple of years ago

bdays: josh's bday is on Christmas! raj: nov 3, jon: aug 30, marcus: oct 3

3. all 4 of the guys actually came up with the name PRYMARY COLORZ in charlotte, north carolina before they moved to florida

4. raj and jonathan are cousins

5. PC is on the same label as tampa-based girl group, MPress (Big 3 Records)

6. the Big 3 record label is based in st. petersburg, fla

7. the guys have appeared on tv! (lady of soul train awards)..they also taped an episode of "soul train" with rah digga and also appeared on BET!!

8. the song, "living miracle" features guest appearance by gospel singer vickie winans

9. last names: jonathan thomas, raj nichols, josh royals, and marcus dilley

10. before joining PC, marcus traveled with the gospel group, the envoys

11. "That's Why God Made The Moon" is a remake of a song by singer, songwriter, and producer John Elefante (Kansas)

12. both MPRESS, and PRYMARY COLORZ went on a summer tour, which featured shows with groups ranging from boyz II men, jessica simpson, nelly, and o-town

13. i searched up and read somewhere that PC has a song called That's All I Ask Of You- which is NOT on the cd

14. male singer J worked with jim mcmahan, who has also done work with B5, Mpress, and prymary colorz

15. justin timberlake of nsync co-wrote 1 of the PC songs on the cd ("bring my angel down to earth")..beautiful ballad!

16. the guys got a chance to help co-produce the vocals to 5 of their songs

17. 3 songs were mixed at trans-con studios!

18. jonathan has 3 sisters: christina, ivey, and victoria

19. marcus has a sister named annie

20. josh sings the first verse in "if you only knew", and marcus sings the second verse

21. marcus is known as the "old man" of the group cuz he's the oldest

22. raj is the baritone in PC

23. jonathan sings bass for PC

24. at a back-to-school fun fest, PC performed along with 2nd nature, amanda, TNT Boyz, mpress, erica, and more

25. josh's bday is on Christmas!

26. PC were recently at the billboard awards (the red carpet)

27. the guys were at the most recent hollywood knights game (they also performed 2 songs!)

28. they wore matching blue outfits to the american music awards

29. PC performed on 'showtime at the apollo' on 1/26/03

30. they are hosting hosting nick's "u pick live" 1/27/03!

31. 'if i could change' IS the next single, it will be released to radio on feb. 18th

32. PC is nominated for a gospel insider music award~ best new artist//group (CONGRATS!)
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