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destined to be one of music's most talented groups of this millennium, prymary colorz are sure to prove they are more than just another boy band. jonathan thomas, raj nichols, josh royals, and marcus dilley blend a mix of pop, gospel, funk, R&B, and hip hop with perfect harmony to come up with their highly anticipated debut album If You Only Knew. "it's diverse," says marcus describing the album. "we like music that moves us so we make music to move others." move you it will, especially the first single "if you only knew", an up-tempo track, written and produced by grammy award winner rodney jerkins (michael jackson, mary j. blige) who contributed two cuts on the album.

inspired by musical greats like stevie wonder, take six, fred hammond, brian mcknight, and the winans, prymary colorz brings passion, love, and emotion to their music. "our sound comes from a feeling," explains josh. "it's kind of like watching a movie that's very touching," adds jonathan, "it hits you in every way." the album features a powerful guest appearance by gospel great vicki winans on "living miracle", and a remake of singer, songwriter, producer john elefante's (kansas) "that's why God made the moon." prymary colorz got a taste of vocal arranging and producing, something they plan to do more of on future albums, on the ballad "Heavenly love." "it's on of the most emotional songs on the album," jonathan says proudly.

jonathan and his cousin raj started singing in church and talent shows during their high school years in charlotte, NC. they hooked up with josh and another member to form the group soft sounds. after graduation, they took a break for a year but their passion for music would quickly bring the three back together. in 1999 the trio was in search of a tenor to make the group complete. they heard about marcus who had been traveling all over the world with the gospel group the envoys, and set up a session to sing. "it was magic," recalls jonathan about meeting and singing with marcus. prymary colorz was formed and the quartet has been inseparable ever since. "everyone says that blood is thicker than water. well, we say we're thicker than blood," explains jonathan. "we see each other more as brothers. we don't see each other's colors," says marcus proudly. "we truly are family."

this family is no stranger to struggle. after performing all over charlotte, NC, including singing the national anthem for the local NBA team, the charlotte hornets, the four set a deadline to leave town and follow their dreams. they piled in josh's two-seater pick up truck and journeyed eight hours to tampa, florida, on what turned out to be a false promise. they stayed in florida, struggling to make ends meet and performing whenever they could. "we always believed so strongly in this that we wouldn't let anything stop us," say josh of the group's hard times. "that's always been our mentality and we're going to take that mentality to the top."
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