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Portuguese School: A Caminho Do Saber

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Important Dates  

  10.31.04 -  Halloween
 11.??.04 -  Last day to enrol for classes
 11.??.04 - 
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Portuguese School

Learn Conversational Portuguese

The method consists on one basic/intermediate program for the Learners. It requires the exclusive use of the Portuguese language with association between perception (understanding) and reasoning.
A) Introduction of the concrete concepts through visual demonstration.
B) Introduction of abstract concepts through the association of ideas.
C) Teaching grammar through the functioning of the language.
The objective of the course is to bring fluency throughout the conversation to the student in short period of the time.

Practical information in Portuguese customs and language.
Ordering meals and drinks.
Learn how to obtain and understand directions.
Know where to go in cities.
Learn Orally and in Writing Alphabet and Numbers, Prices, Portuguese Monetary System and Banking, Geographical shape of Portugal, Observing a typical day, Formalities upon arrival and departure, Enjoying the country and it's people, Courtesy, Table Etiquette, Expressions, Historical places, Health and Security, Family life, Popular Entertainment's, Sports, Shopping, Emergency Services, Precautions, Role play situations and more.
This is the best method to learn, whether you are interested in getting a feel for Portugal or to become proficient at some level. And this can be achieved having learners in a small group session or in individual classes.

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