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Portuguese School: A Caminho Do Saber

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Important Dates  

  10.31.04 -  Halloween
 11.??.04 -  Last day to enrol for classes
 11.??.04 - 
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Portuguese School

Why Choose "A Caminho Do Saber"?

Learning the Portuguese Language is a challenge and provides opportunities for traveling or move and work in countries where the language is spoken. Indeed, Portuguese is spoken in several parts of the world: Europe, Asia, Africa and America. There are variances in the Portuguese spoken by natives of different countries. Nonetheless, there is no a major problem as they can communicate with one another easily.
At “A Caminho do Saber” you will cover topics in Portuguese including greetings, getting around, time, transportation, descriptions, food, clothing among others. We hope these lessons are helpful to you. Learning a new language involves more than vocabulary drills and grammatical rules.

With our courses you will learn Portuguese by living it!
We will teach you Portuguese Language and Culture: History and Traditions, customs, cuisine, sports, and much more, all included in each and every course we offer.
Above all, we value personal assistance. We take care, anytime of any question, comment or concern, you may have. Our qualified and experienced teachers and staff members are here to help you.
The lessons include reading, comprehension, listening, writing, grammar, practice exercises and conversation. You’ll get the proper pronunciation of our native speaker teacher.

We have expertise to teach Complete Beginners. Where necessary, explanations are given in English to help them start.
“A Caminho do Saber” offers special programs using different means of communication to thoroughly develop your language skills:
Oral: You'll be communicating in Portuguese from the first class!
Listening: Dialogues, conversations
Written: books, newspapers, magazines

Some other advantages of our programs are:
Native speaker teachers
Unique program / own training method
Special programs for speakers of different languages

Every student receives a certificate at the end of the course.

We offer 5 levels - Beginner, Survival, Threshold (Intermediate), Operational and Advanced. Each level addresses: Pronunciation, Vocabulary, Common Expressions, Verbs, and Grammar Functions. Each level will be limited in group size in order to provide each student with special attention. The goal is to accommodate students’ needs for better understanding and participation in class.

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