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Portuguese School: A Caminho Do Saber

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Important Dates  

  10.31.04 -  Halloween
 11.??.04 -  Last day to enrol for classes
 11.??.04 - 
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Portuguese School

The Schools
Our method for Language Classes makes the learning truly effective. We convert the learning condition into a natural and resourceful experience. The advantage for you: Our language courses open your options due to the multicultural atmosphere of the students.

Our teachers
Our teachers use the long-lasting "conversation method". From the start, all efforts are focussed towards a more dynamic exchange so that all learning experience is practical. Our teachers’ aim is to create a learning atmosphere in which students learn through mutual exchange of experiences, and gain from intensive training as well as from individual attention. For this reason, our learning groups are composed of 6 to 15 persons.

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