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News and Updates

Welcome to My Populous, a fansite for Populous the Beginning - an award-winning strategy game from Bullfrog. The site will be updated as I upload more guides. Check back regularly for new content.

October 12th 2006

Long time no-see, faithful MyPopulous visitors! Has it really been an entire year since the last update? I must apologise, I had many problems at home AND at university accomodation where I simply couldn't get Populous to work, so eventually lost interest in it. Now, however, I'm living in a student house and I can actually play Populous both online and off, and I also have the spare time and motivation to update this site with a few more things, and finish off the single player guides at least, if only for my own satisfaction. I was pleasantly surprised to see 3,000 hits on this site which for me, is great news because that's a lot of hits for one of my sites.

September 15th 2005

Today I uploaded illustrations for levels 2 and 3 of Populous: Age Of Chaos - obviously due to the bug in level 3 I could only upload the one picture demonstrating the effect of the bug. Until/If this is fixed, the remainder of the walkthrough will be unillustrated.

September 14th 2005

I discovered level 2 had undergone a slight name change so I updated the relevant references to it's name. It is now "FAILED Return Home" as opposed to "Return Home". Also I played through Age Of Chaos: level 3 to discover a bug within the latest version of this level which auto-completes the level after roughly 5 minutes of gameplay so I revamped the guide for this, but also left the old guide attached underneath for players to see how to complete it should this bug ever be fixed (although it says "FINAL Beta" so that's doubtful). I played through level 4 again and found it has been changed somewhat, which meant I had to considerably alter my guide... and I also took some screenshots of various parts of the level as I played through it. So yes, my guide to level 4 is now illustrated! I am planning to do this with all my level walkthroughs so keep an eye out as my next job is to go back to level's 2 and 3 taking a variety of screenshots (I managed to get level 1 done today). I should get this done tomorrow with any luck!

September 13th 2005

I played through level 2 of Populous 4: AOC (Final Beta) and found that it has been updated quite a lot and gone through some major changes since I last played it, therefore I spent some time updating the guide and revising it. For example, there is now no fog of war, but on the flip side, there is a time limit in which you have to rescue your shaman which both affected the game's strategy and difficulty.

September 12th 2005

I want to apologize to everyone. This website has not been updated for over half a year! I can't make any excuses for that, but the truth is that I have not had a lot of time on my hands. Anyway, now that I'm back to Populous, I should be updating this website. Expect some more guides coming shortly, and please don't give up hope. Thanks to all of the other fansites that have kept the faith in me by retaining the link to My Populous on their links page.

Additionally, I have had an update on my nickname. My online alias/nickname has been changed from Iantiger (kinda poor) to Captain Yates (a cool name). The entire website will be updated to reflect this. If you spot the name "Iantiger" anywhere on the website where it should indeed say "Captain Yates" please email me to let me know.

The forum link is currently missing due to the admin of the boards (Bart I believe) relocating the forums. He wisely decided to remove the My Populous area of the forums as the website underwent a long period of inactivity and I can't blame him for doing so as anyone would have done the same. The new link to the forums will be put up as soon as (or maybe IF) a replacement My Populous forum is up and running. Please be patient.

I have just been through every page on the site and changed a few typos, etc. The title bar at the top of every page now displays the title of the correct website where as before, on various pages it would display the name of my old website where I hadn't edited the code. Last but not least, I just played through level 1 of the latest edition of Populous 4: Age Of Chaos and revamped my walkthrough to reflect any changes that I found had been made to the level.

My Populous is a website programmed and maintained by Captain Yates. All material on here is 100% copyrighted and may not be linked to or copied anywhere else without permission by Captain Yates to do so.

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