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Matchbox Twenty in Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong on their

I AM NOW A CONVERTED MATCHBOX TWENTY FAN!!!! After seeing the guys at the 1st Sydney concert, I FELL IN LOVE WITH THEM!!!!. I wasn't planning on going to the second concert but the morning of that concert, I won tickets to it through a local radio station.

I left Uni early that day along with a friend and we made our way the the Sydney Entertainment Centre where we waited to see the guys arrive for sound check. It was here that i meet so many friends, the crew and of course.....MATCHBOX TWENTY!!!!!!!!! (well Kyle and Rob anyways!!)

ALL (friends and crew) MADE MY MATCHBOX EXPERIENCES AWESOME and without a doubt, the most memorable time of my life!!!!

Second Sydney Show

Tim from Taxirdie (Support band!)

Mr. Kyle Cook... "always bursting with fruit flavour..."

The beautiful Marisole... she WAS NOT beaten with the ugly stick when she was young!!!

The very nice and ever talented Mr. Rob Thomas!!!

I fell through a chair over this photo.... well worth the bruises i think!!!! (a BIG THANKYOU to Bel, off the GD for taking this photo with her spunky camera!!!)

Most of the Sydney Gder's... with the famous sign that Adam saluted once at Sydney and twice at was because of this sign that Rob thanked Sascha, Ally, Myself at the end of the concert!!!! yahooo!!!

Necastle's back entrance!

Ally, Clare and Sascha in trusty ponchos and garbage bags.... they semi held up with the 6hours of rain we stood in!!!!

I love those guys.... they made everything ok!!!

Wollongong (fun in the Fog!!!!)

"Sing it Kyle!!!!".... Sascha and i let it rip at Wollongong...

"ROB!!! ROB!!! over here!!!!!"

The trustful Jason and Chad looking after thing as Rob belts out Argue...!!!!

"So why you gotta stand there looking like the answer now??"- Rob gives it to the Security guard!!!

The Band strutting thier stuff!!

Pookie loves to hid, doesn't he..... it's almost like "Where's Pookie?"

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