C o l o r w o r k s !






Hihi, I actually looked at this site, GOD it's immature o_O
Oh well
I FINALLY am upating this site, so i have a buncha new stuff for ya
this time i'm actually organizing stuff ^_^
go me
new stuff always cuz i'm always cging
I love cging
I suck at it but i love it ^_^
I know who most of these artists are, but a few i don't so if you know em, could you email me here and tell me so i can give them proper credit? And also, if you made a picture here and don't want it to be on my site (I just used these pictures for practices), then also email me at that link and I will remove it. Alrigt? Alright. Here ya go.


1~This was one of the first cg's i've ever done. It's alright, i guess..>.< i'm way too critical of my own work

2~I actually really really like this one, there's a certain softness i really like in it, dunno

3~A girl from a little mini-comic Piro did, in a messy style of coloring...fairly recent, i quite like it ^_^

Another Dead Piro Day picture...it's also really messy, and i like it ^_^

Just a girl
I hate the shoes. >.<
I forgot to color the white part of her eyes white >.<
oh well, it's cute regardless

I like the shorts!!
that's all i have to say ^_^

A picture i drew a looong time ago and colored
all of it sucks, in my opinion >.<

Chibi Yuna!!! o_O It sucks but i kinda like it...

A picture I drew in my planner that i liked soo much, i colored it!!
I actually like it o_o Horrors!

Yay! Most recent pic i did, I wuv it wuv it wuv it wuv it!! I also made a wallpaper for it ^_^
fun, huh?
Megatokyo Pictures: Megatokyo and Fredart are both creations of Piro/Fred. He's a great artist, and defenitely someone to check out if you haven't already!
(P.S. Megatokyo is a webcomic and Fredart is like a portfolio)
Bakaneko Pictures: BakaNeko There's some great tutorials, pictures,and fun stuff to do here! You should go and explore it ^_^
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