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Updates 22-12-02

Ye GODS! I've UPDATED!!! o_o
I'm working mainly on the artwork section and that sort of stuff, but if i'm happy with it before christmas break(oh scuse me, winter recess *rolls eyes) i may work more on the lyrics section and other bits of the site, maybe even add NEW STUFF!!(apart from the new artwork and stuff, check it out)
WAI!!!! go me!

Updates 3-1-02

< Well....Merde, I guess I lost my updates page >.<
Sorrie all, I hope that stuff wasn't too important...
Anyways, MASSIVE site work-on going on right now. I JUST finished the links page, so go look there, I'm looking for a counter, so any good ones would be very helpful, contact me here, and I will be working on the artwork, lyrics, and possible the DiGi Charat pages. Also, since I have my second soundtrack, I'll be taking that down. Thanks for being so patient with me!

Updates 3-16-02

Added a few pics to the sketchbook page, a few quotes to quotes, working on DiGi Charat and Lyrics section tonight..if I feel enough like it >.<
Happy St. Patricks day a day early!

Updates 4-1-02

Added a Friends artwork page, have a friend's stuff already on there, whee, have fun, ninight ~.~

Can Can Can I go BACK now?