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Marti Pellow was born on 23rd March 1965 in Clydebank under the starsign aries. His real name is Mark MacLachlan. He formed the band Wet Wet Wet with school mates Graeme Clark, Neil Mitchell and Tommy Cunningham. Later Graeme Duffin joined them to play guitars with Graeme Clark. They had their first hit in 1987 with 'Wishing I Was Lucky'. Over the next 12 years they had continued success in the charts including 3 number one songs 'With A Little Help From My Friends', 'Goodnight Girl' and in 1994 their biggest hit 'Love Is All Around' topped the charts for 15 weeks. In 1999 Marti left the band after battling against addictions to herion and alcohol and went solo. He recorded many songs in Memphis with Willie Mitchel. His album 'Smile' is fantastic. Marti sounds better than ever. It's great to see Marti singing again and that he looks really well. i'm sure all of his fans are very proud of him for overcomming all the problems he had and wish too see a lot more of him in years to come.