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text message symbols
:-) Your basic happy-face, this little face means that you're saying something with a smile maybe to show that you're joking, or just happy!
;-) This wink means you're kidding or teasing.
:-D Ha ha! You're laughing hard at something funny!
:-I Indifferent. It's like, well whatever. Either way is O.K.
|-O That O-pen mouth is yawning or snoring.
|-I Way beyond bored asleep.
:-/ Skeptical. You're not so sure about that. In fact, you're pretty doubtful.
:-( A frown uh oh, you're not happy about something....
>:-( Beyond frowning ... angry!
:-& You can't get the words out the way you want to! You're tongue-tied.
:-@ Screaming. Another way to scream on-line is TO WRITE IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS! AAAAAAAAARGH!!!!
:-C Oooooh, someone is really disappointed about something.
:'-( Oh dear, someone is crying.
:-O Uh-oh! I can't believe that happened!
:-X My lips are sealed! I won't tell anybody, I promise!
:-P Nyaaaah! Giving the person a "raspberry"!
}:-) This is a devilish, mischevious face ... look out!
O:-) This face, on the other hand, is angelic. Nice halo!
Sometimes emoticons describe things other than emotions, like what a person looks like or what they're doing:
B-) I wear glasses.
:-# This emoticon wears braces.
[:-) Can't tear him or herself away from the music wearing a Walkman.
:-{) This is a guy with a mustache.
:-)= This guy wears a beard.
:-)> This is a guy with a goatee.
8-) Cool cat, wearing sunglasses, man.
8:-) Casually wearing sunglasses on your head.
(-: A le
ft-handed e-mailer.
%-) This is what happens when you spend too much time in front of the computer. You get googly-eyed! Go outside and play!
:-)~ Maybe this one's about a baby brother or sister, it drools! (Girls rule, boys drool!)
:-9 Mmmm, talking about something like good food makes you lick your lips in anticipation! Chocolate chip cookies ... ice cream ... lima beans NOT!
:-~) Aaaaah-choo! Someone has a cold. Bummer!
&:-) Whoa! Bad hair day!
*:o) This goofy little face is just clowning around!
:*) Another way to "clown around" is like this ...
[:] I. Am. A. Robot.
:-[ Yikes! Scary! A vampire! Happy Halloween!