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Fans of high school track-and-field looks are gonna love the new sportswear range from Soccer Star. Take 70s slim-fit football strips, cheerleader chic and rollergirl PE shorts, and you've got some retro kit worth cheering about. Our winner's the Max zip-up tracksuit in red, with hefty cuffs upfront and a solid waistband at the back. Oh, and look out for a return to form for the fans' favourite - terry towelling.
Diamanté is a girl's best friend this Christmas, so check out the sparkling Ice collection from Warehouse, it's a gem. Get yourself noticed during the all-important party season in shades of platinum, white, aquamarine and black, all finished with details guaranteed to catch the eye. With silver sequins, coloured beads and diamante cuffs, you'll make sure it's not just that mirrorball grabbing all the attention on the dancefloor.