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Common dreams

Travel: Travel means general happiness. Travelling through the countryside is a sign of joy and prosperity.
Falling: Loads of us have dreams of falling. If you're falling in your dream and are frightened, your subconscious is telling you that you'll be successful after a long struggle with big issues. If you're injured in the fall, you're going to lose friends and run into trouble. Uh-oh.
Flying: This signifies a suppressed wish to move about more freely. Dreams about swooping in the air are especially common during adolescence and clearly signify a need for escape.
Teeth: If your teeth suddenly start falling out for no reason in a dream then it's a sign that you're worried about something.
Flowers: Dreaming about flowers is a sign of happiness and general alright-ness. Picking flowers means you've got a top bunch (ho-ho!) of mates that you're totally at ease with.
Steps: (No, not the pop group) If you're walking up steps then you're looking forward to things and making progress in life. Going down steps ain't so good though - it signals a lack of confidence and enthusiasm.
Crying: Crying in a dream means you've got something to celebrate.
Death: Similar to crying, dreaming about death actually means you're happy with life. Bit weird this dreaming game, eh?
Blood: Seeing blood means you're in an unwanted relationship - romantic or otherwise. Better sort it out now.
Kiss: If you dream of kissing a strange boy it's a sign of promiscuity. Oops. Kissing your sweetheart when it's light means you've got honourable intentions, whereas smooching him in the dark means naughty thoughts. Oo-er missus.
Cats: Cats are cunning. So if a cat slinks into one of your snooze pictures you've got to examine your friends closely 'cause you've got your suspicions about someone.
Dogs: Seeing a dog means you crave security in relationships. It also means you enjoy being protected and looked after by others. Snarling dogs, however, are a sign that you don't trust someone.
Weirder dreams

Carrots: You're ignoring your problems rather than dealing with them properly.
Concert: Rather nicely, if your dream involves a concert, it's a sign of perfect love.
Folder: This particular item of stationery means you need to ask a friend for advice. Er… right.
Disco: Bit of a strange one this. If you find yourself down the local nightclub, it means you're in a state of confusion and distraction about a new relationship.
Kangeroo: If a 'roo bounds into one of your dreams, you're not happy with your current squeeze. Or you're an Aussie.
Parrot: Guess what? Dreaming about these feathered friends means you enjoy a good gossip and there's some juicy news you're eager to chat about.
School: No, you're not mad, just avoiding responsibility.
Toast: Dreaming of warm bread means all is well in the family and friendship department.
Pencil: Dreaming about a pencil means you'll marry the boy you love, move into a huge house, get a great job and earn shed-loads of wedge. Er, no, only joking. Still, it'd be nice wouldn't it?
To maximize dream potential, keep the mind as clear as possible and let it wander before you drift off. It might also be worth keeping a diary in which to write down all of your dreams in the morning. Go over your dream as soon as you wake and if you wake in the night, jot down the details before going back to sleep.
And, whatever you do, when you go to sleep tonight make sure you're dreaming of Robbie. It obviously means you're meant to be…