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Combining products from the same range usually works well - as they're formulated to be used together, but obviously this isn't always the case. Not making any promises but it's definitely worth giving the new göt2b range a run for your money. You'll find everything you need, from shampoo and conditioner to wax and hairspray, all in labels-friendly edgy packaging. There's even a glow-in-the-dark gel for the Gatecrasher regulars.
Give Paul Mitchell's new Spray Wax a try, you'll find it much easier to use. Start with a quick spritz of wax and begin styling, you can add more when necessary. It's great for textured looks and gives your hair a soft, flexible satin finish. There's even a free crystal tattoo with every purchase for a bit of body-styling to match your hair.

Steady on with all that scrubbing, if you're not careful you'll end up giving your gums a battering. Always make sure that your toothbrush is in good condition and if it's not, get a new one, or if it's electric then change the head. You could always try having a chat with your dentist about the options open to you - but before you make an appointment, try Pearl drops Whitening Toothpolish instead of your usual toothpaste. Lil from Atomic Kitten's a big fan, and if her choppers are anything to go by then it must be doing the business.

göt2b range = selected superdrug stores
pearl whites = boots,superdrug and leading chemists