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What are Keepers?

Keepers are basically images/plaques with an image of a person, place or thing, or even a quote from a character in a Movie. All of our Keepers here on the site are pre-made. Which means you can just take them, and as many as you'd like. Just always remember to link back to the site! We hope to get more of a variety of Keepers soon.

KeeperMania is a Directory. We gather sites that have keepers on them so it makes it easier for people to find what they want. We also provide some exclusive keepers for you!

We opened the site on September 7th of 2002. Below you'll see our first 2 layouts. And you'll see Hayden Christensen on both of them because Kalie and I adore him.

We will be moving to a domain that Jen will be purchasing sometime this year. So we really look forward to that. Right now we're at Angelfire