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>>>Sorry Guys!
April 5th 2003

It's been a while I know, I've been busy and Kalie has recently returned! Anyways, notice the New Graphics and Layout? I likeit alot :D Please notice we're looking for affiliates! And for those of you who are new here please notice that this is a Directory! So if you have a site with Keepers on it, please get listed! Kalie and I have been extremely busy, we're working on making new exclusive keepers, and more buttons to link us back with. You might notice a few more changes around here in the next few days. Anyways, please stay tuned and get listed!

Jen updated @ 4:20 pm pt


>>>Another Listed Site
February 22nd 2003

It's been a while, but we've got another new listed site! This time TheSouthPassage has joined us! Thanks Lisa :)

Jen updated @ 1:20 pm pt


>>>New Listed Sites
February 6th 2003

Hey Guys! We have 2 new listed sites today! And they are both ran by Kalie and I's friend, Vinny. Visit LionHearted & Land of Heroes! You can also find them in our Listed section of the site. And thanks to Jennifer making Keeper Mania four 50x50 buttons! You can find them here!

Jen updated @ 1:21 pm pt


>>>Bad News
January 31st 2003

I have terrible News, Kalie is going to be away for well, 2-3 weeks! It really is terrible, as we were discussing making more Exclusive Keepers, plus she was going to make some banners/buttons to link to us with. So I'll be alone here for things might be a little slower now. I will slowly be making some new keepers for you, so stay tuned. Oh, also we have a new Keeper Link up! That is all for now, until next time...

Jen updated @ 4:52 pm pt


>>>We're Back
January 28th 2003

Well we were never closed, but anyways..Yes we're back and there will be more updates as of today. Kalie and I have been extremely busy but we're going to try and work this out. We have a new Listed site! The only thing not up yet is our Poll, it will be up shortly. We are also accepting a limited amount of Affiliates. Please email Jen if you are interested :P Oh and we have added Exclusive LOTR Fav Character keepers also. They were made by Kalie, so check those out!! Many times our counter doesn't seem to work, maybe we should get another's very annoying sometimes. *bleh*

Jen & Kalie updated @ 9:50 am pt