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Dearest Viewers, we have decided to close the site! Kalie & I both felt like we
were doing this site for nothing as no one was very much interested in it. We realized
there aren't many sites with Keepers on them, but we thank the ones that got listed
with us. Please for those of you who were listed, remove your button and link, this
page will not be here for much longer. Kalie & I both have other sites to run and
some new ideas. If you wish to reach any of us you can email Kalie here and
Myself (Jen) here! Below you will find a list of our current websites:

Love's Sacrifice
Anakin And His Angel
Living Like Heroes
FirstKiss Fanlist
WhiteWave -coming soon [domain]
In Bloom -coming soon [Orlando Bloom]
Forever Married -coming soon