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This Site is about the one and only Kendall Gaveck. She is a 14 year old female breakout artist. Kendall sings her heart out in all of her songs. She has an artist page on (Check that out). Kendall's career is already on the move, with her first full length CD in the works. Make sure to keep a look out for Kendall. Also, be sure and check out The Click Five (

Facts About Kendall

Kendall Links

Official Yahoo Street Team
America Unite (10yr/o Kendall, Dedicated to 9/11 victims)
Everything That's Fake
Kendall Picks

Requesting Kendall: Radio KOL (-IM- Felg, KOLDJRICK or call 1-877-565-3574). Radio Disney (-1-888-EARS-018) E-MAIL MAGAZINES:(Here are some) Don't forget to tell your friends/family about Kendall Gaveck. More On Kendall Soon.