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Coming Soon! *I kno a lot of you guys were waiting for the other site, but I started getting attached to tori*

10/13/03 HAPPY CANADIAN THANKSGIVING! alot of people have been asking me who tori is. (duh!) well here you go!

Tori Thompson
Sang: "Love The One You're With", "Bad Moon Rising" & "Let Er Rip"
Birthday: October 25, 1993
Something cannot live without: "clothes"
Describe yourself in three words: "funny, energetic and sweet"
Top five hobbies: "singing, dancing, play basketball for fun, street football, and just hanging out"
Best advice given to you: "follow your dreams (given by my mom and dad and family)"
Preferred style of music: "pop and Christian"
How has your life changed since being on American Juniors: "It hasn't changed that much, but I am home schooled now and we didn't move, but we are living in a apartment."
Favorite track off the 'Kids in American' album: "I would have to pick Kids in America."
Beat out Chauncey Matthews & A.J. Melendez for a position in the group

Thanks to for some information

HAPPY B-DAY TORI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'M SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!! I''m almost done with the site. I un-direct linked the info (sorry about that!) and I made tori this graphic.

Well that's about it.... Bye Bye!!
Dani L.

wow! look at the gr8 layout mary from endless made me!

im so sorry for not updating! i added 3 new affiliates and deleted 2 and put up the buttons to link me.

11/23/03 (a little later)
I just finished making a temporary version of my new Jordan site. Check it out here. Oh and here's the new info on The Juniors. affiliates

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