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[ Jamie Angel, 17, Orlando, FL ]
      [ "I love Jackie because he's so totally talented, and extremely cute :0) He's also the sweetest guy I have ever known, and it's so obvious he was meant to be... a supah stahhh!" ]

[ Cara Fasone, 19, Hawaii ]
         [ "I love him more than butta loves toast, pb loves j, cheese loves pizza, peas loves carrots! Jackie is the most dedicated and dillgent person i know! hes so talented and soo sweet and soo shexy and soooo ambitious! he is beautiful and i know one day all his dreams will come true!" ]

[ Liz P.G, 15, NYC, NY ]
      [ "I love Jackie because he's talented, sweet, cute, and he's a true Bahstonian! I appreciate him because he loves his family and cares for them so much! He's just a great guy, and watching him just makes me smile!" ]

[ Janielee, 16, Buffalo, NY ]     
      [ "why i love jackie? you gotta be kidding!!!!!!!!!!!! he's the hottest most talent guy i ever seen!!!!!!!!! I Like him way better then nsync anyday hehe =)" ]

[ Mandi, 21, Virginia ]     
      [ "Do I hafta have a reason to love this guy??? He's awesome! He has a great voice. He loves his fans to death! And he's soo much fun to walk around NYC with!" ]

[ Rebekah Grove, 15, Oak Forest, IL]

[ Nichole, 14, NH ]     
      [ "what is there not to love about him? man, that boy is so TALENTED! he can sing, dance, and act! he is so awesome to his fans. i will never forget all the times i have met him. may 5th had to have been the best day of my life...seeing jackie sing right in front of me..i'll never forget it. he has an amazing voice. jackie is gonna make it big someday. he's got what it takes to be a star, although he already is one to me ;) " ]

[ Jennifer Holmes, 14, South Buffalo, NY ]     
      [ "I love jacke becuase he is such  a cuttie  and was born to perform. I think that its so cool becuz he didnt make it in makin the band but he didnt give up and hes still tryin to perform his career. I think thats soo kool that he didnt give up and well just look at the guy how can u not love him?" ]

[ Alece Verga, 15, Chicago, Illinois ]     
      [ "I love Jackie because he is such a sweetie, he is so nice and he takes time to listen to his fans and respond to there emails. Plus he is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo HOT!" ]

[ Annie, Los Angeles, California ]     
      [ "I love how he and Vanessa have that brother and sister bond!!" ]

[ Amelia, 17, Washington ]     
      [ "Jackie is the very definition of talented!" ]

[ Abigail Jordan, 21, California ]     
      [ "Why do i love Jackie? The guy is very blessed. Not just with being a great singer,dancer and talented in general,he's got values to! (Did you see how much he loves his family & how close to them he seems to be?) Which to me,is the most attractive quality anyone can possess. Jackie's got a sweet spirit about him. It shines through him. So Jackie,if you're reading this: keep the faith,know that you're incredibley blessed,and remember that God is watching out for you 24/7. When the time is right, your time WILL come. Luv ya hun ;)!" ]

[ Tamie, Houston ]     
      [ "why do i love jackie.... the guy can sing dammit hehe.... really talented yet his time hadn't come yet (..which totally sux..).....and hey Jackie's FINE." ]

[  Allison, 16,  Los Angeles, California ]     
      [ "Jackie is so talented and someday he will make it and be extremely successful!!  How can someone not like him?" ]

[ Jessica, 16, New Jersey ]     
      [ "Well, of course I love Jackie, who doesn't? He's adorable and talented and all around the kinda guy you wish you had around all of the time.  If only there were more guys like Jackie around here in NJ... hehe... He's definetly a star, and he'll make it.. even without "Popstars2" help... he has everything it takes... more than everything it takes and I can't wait to see his name up in lights =)" ]

[ Lauren, 16, NC ]     
      [ "Jackie is very cute and talented and the way that he shows love for his sister is so sweet!" ]