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January 1, 2003: Okay, so it's been a couple of weeks. LOL. So sorry! I haven't been writing to much. I plan on updating FHNB tomorrow, so keep your fingers crossed. A new layout will go up soon as well. I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday. I was excited since my parents agreed to go to the youth mass at one of the churches I go to. It was a great mass! I am on this psyhco TobyMac kick currently. He's so adorable, and his music rocks! So check him out if you have the chance. I got the DC Talk "Free at Last" movie, it is great. I love it! It is a documentary from their 1992 tour that was never completed and they decided to release it in 2002. It's really good. I was up till one last night, that never happens. My friend and I watched 5 movies last night and then two today. We watched Crossroads and A Walk to Remember. It's quite exciting to hear Jars of Clay songs in both of those movies, since they are a very popular Christian band. Anyway I will stop rambling, look for the updates tomorrow! I hope you enjoy and remember to sign the guestbook. God bless, Chris. email-me


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