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Laura's Story

Chapter 2

Helping mom with the directions which dad had briefed us on a million times took up the next four miles. Finally we pulled in front of the house. Since dad was the only one to fly down and visit with Uncle Roy, it was all new to us and pictures did no justice.

A tall spacious southern style two-story which blended into those around it being white with dark blue shutters. After a moment of gaucking mom pulled into the side driveway leading to the garage. Parking finished we all followed mom to the side door which she unlocked and entered a security code. The time had come to explore our new home with Tommy right by my side, we ventured off leaving mom in the kitchen. Taking the kitchen stairs up we each found our new rooms with the new furniture we had picked out cluttered with boxes. Dad had decided to throw out or sell the old stuff and start completely new.

Stopping off briefly in my own room and leaving Tommy in his I headed back down the kitchen to help mom bring stuff in from the car. I noted the playroom off of Tommyís room, the upstairs office, two guest rooms, and main stairs as I headed to the kitchen stairs. This house was noticeably bigger than our last and suggested the salary of my momís new job. Stepping off the last step I noticed mom was already at work bringing things in. I quickly walked outside to help. Most of our stuff was here already, but the rest would come down with dad in the next day or two. It was all a matter of turning this house into our home. Lugging in a few suitcases and a box or two seemed to empty the car, but we had a whole house to unpack.

Making a quick run for a fast food dinner of burgers and fries, we started to unpack shortly after. Mom helping Tommy and me tackling my room alone. After clearing a path to the major parts of my room, I started with the hardest part, my computer. I had seen my dad plug it in and put it together a million times, besides I hadnít been on in over a week.

With success at that I ventured into other feats before I finally deciding to call it quits in my room. Seeing about two boxes left to go I stacked them by the window and collected the empty ones to take downstairs. Carrying them down the front stairs, the plan as it was made earlier was to put them in the sitting room. Seeing most of Tommyís there I concluded most of Tommyís stuff was put away and he was already in bed, it being well past 10:00.

Figuring mom to be trying to unpack all the remaining things by herself, I decided to interrupt her to help. Finding her in the kitchen unwrapping dishes I asked, "Need some help, mom?"

"Sure, hun, you unwrap these and Iíll start putting them away," mom replied taking a stack of her china in the cupboard. I took a seat at the island counter and began to hand her cups.

"You excited to be living so close to Aunt Karen again? Itís been awhile since we lived close to family," I asked.

"Sure, familyís a good thing to have around any day. The better question would have been are you excited to be near your cousins again? I lived with your Aunt Karen for sixteen years," mom added.

"With the rest of them gone, living near Josh, Aunt Karen, and Uncle Roy sounds exciting."

"Well, youíll see them at the airport when we leave. You can catch up then. There will be plenty of time for that."

Finishing with what we had in the kitchen, I helped mom make her bed before leaving her to work on her own boxes.

"Night mom," I said before darting out of her room and up the stairs to my own. Sleep sounded good and it was.


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