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Heroes Celebrity Baseball Game
Encounters of the Chris Kind

I got to meet Chris! That was the best part about the whole evening. LOL. My family's seats were at 3rd base and Chris was over at 1st base. So I got my Dad to walk over there with me. He was already signing autographs, and we made it over there just in time.

My Dad took a two pictures of him signing and then one of him and me. Very exciting.

I had that FumanSkeeto thing, the one he was signing at the FMS Signing in 2001 (I never got up there). So I had him sign that, he used my sharpie. I was quiet the whole time just watched him. After we took a picture my Dad shook his hand and said to Chris, "Finally, she has been beating me to death about you forever."

Chris just gave him a weird look like 'huh.' I was going to hold out my hand for him to shake, but was too late, because he had turned to go warm-up. I was the last person to get his autograph at that time. It was cool.

My Dad was happy that I got to meet him, and kept saying 'I am glad I didn't hesitat much longer before we walked over there ..." LOL. When we got back to where my Mom and brother were, my Dad said, "His hand was soft. Like a girls hands."

It was fun! Hehe ... sooo cool.